Nialin ๐Ÿ’•


10. Boo Bear

~ 2 months later ~

Niall and I have now been dating for over 2 month. I met the boys and I've been living at Nialls house. I've been in the papers and I've become best friends with One direction. I think back to 2 months ago and how I was so obsessed with them. I always wanted to date Niall and become friends with One direction and there girl friends and now I am one of there girlfriends.

It's my birthday today. '

Cailin!' I hear Niall yell. 'Coming babe' I shout back. 'Yes?' I ask. He has a box in his hand. 'I got you something for your birthday' he says as he puts the box down. 'Open it!' I open the box and a puppy jumps out! I hug Niall tightly and kiss him firmly. 'Thankyou so much' I cry. 'Whats his name?' I ask 'Boo bear' he replies. 'But Boo for short' 'I love it' I scream. I pick Boo up and kiss Niall.

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