The Pretender

a short poem.


1. The Pretender

You can paint a picture, or paint a smile

from an inch or for a mile.

Though its all a lie, it's all pretend.


It will get you in the end.


Fake a laugh, feel the pain.

There comes a time when it will reign.

That dark cloud over you,

your inner passion will be subdued.






You reach out but find now hand.


On the inside you are burned, feel all is lost.

With nothing learnt. 


Your inner drum beat of pain.

That forgotten warmth within your veins.


Curious mind?


Feel your identity is lost?


Risk a walk within your dreams,

remember what it is that your life means.


To restore your faith, ignore the pain.

Your strong enough, you don't have too pretend.



The strongest people have felt the worse pain.


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