So Close... Yet So Far ( A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction Book )

Sophie is just a regular 17 year old girl who has an incredible talent. Once she decide to go to X-Factor, she gets all yeses from all four judges. Sophie is willing to work hard to win the X-Factor. What will happen when she meets Harry Styles from One Direction? Will they fall for each other? And will Sophie win the X-Factor?


1. The Day

Sophie's P.O.V


" Sophie! Wake up!"

"No, Leave me alone"

"Sophie you have to wake up! It's today. You do not want to miss your audition on the X-Factor do you?

And with that , I had to open my eyes. Today was the day. Today was the day that I will be auditioning at the X-Factor. I feel like I have been waiting for this day my whole life. I have always loved singing. I started singing when i was at the age of 6. I then stopped. I don't even know why. I just stopped.

"Hello to you too Lola" I said sarcastically

"Hello Sophie" she responded "Now get up and prepare yourself. I don't want us to be late"

Lola is my best friend. We have known each other since we were babies. Our moms are like best friends and so are we. At school, we have all the classes together. We do everything together.  One time, Lola spent a whole week at my house. One of the best things is that we are neighbors. One weird thing is that even thought Lola and I are not related, people say that we look alike. 

"OK. I'm getting up" 

And with that, I walked straight to my petite bathroom. I was a little sleepy so I washed my face with    warm water. I then brushed my teeth and went straight to the shower. When the hot water hit my skin, i felt my muscles tense and relax. Whenever I get stressed up, I always take a hot bath or shower. And with that, I always feel at my best.

After getting out of the shower, I wrapped my coral blue towel and got out of the bathroom.

I went inside of my bedroom and found Lola in my closet. "what are you doing?" i asked curiously

" Oh... I am just looking at what you should wear" she said " and I found this beautiful dress. I know you love it that's why."

Lola always tend to read my mind. I thought that I will have to wear some crazy trendy clothes, but  I guess I was wrong. 

" Here." she said

"No Lola, I definitely do not want to wear any jewelry."

"C'mon Sophie, It will look AMAZING with your dress. It just add a bit a pop"

" Ok. Fine." I said in defeat

With that, I wore my dress with the necklace Lola Pleaded me to wear. I then wore just a neutral lipstick that goes with my skin color. And last but not least, my eye liner.

I personally do not like wearing make up. The only make up materials that I have are eye liner and lipstick. I guess you can say that I am the opposite of Lola.

" Sophie! Hurry up! We're gonna be late if you don't!"

"I'm coming!" With that promise, I took my phone and bag then ran downstairs. I found Lola eating a full bowl of cereal. Oh and if you didn't know, Lola is the biggest cereal lover ever

"Where's the milk?" i asked while pouring the cereal in my all time favorite bowl

"In the fridge" said Lola

"But I can't... Oh never mind"  I said as I took the milk out of the fridge and sat on the table

" So how is it between you and Justin so far?" I asked

At school, Lola had a major crush on Justin. Because Lola was a shy girl at school, she never told Justin. That is until Justin asked her out. I was so happy for her.


"You know, you shouldn't have done it" 

"Shouldn't have done what?"

"You shouldn't have postponed your date with Justin just because I had to go to the audition"

"Sophie, we have discussed this a zillion times now."

"OK, I'm sorry" I said with puppy eyes

"That's alright. OK.Now hurry. I'm giving you 10 minutes to finish and to get in the car" and with that she got out to star the car.

I finished my cereal quicker than I thought. I then brushed my teeth and took my bag. I made sure that I had my phone because I know that I would need to listen to some music and that this will be a long day.




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