Valerie is just a normal 18 year old girl, Justin is not, he's a worldwide pop star, they meet at a HUGE party, they fall In love with each other really quick, will Justin go back to Selena? Will he break Valerie's heart? Or what will he do? Find out in "HeartBreaker"


27. YOU WHAT??

Justin's POV :



Justin : Aye, imma go with my bros..


                                                         I walked over to Chaz' locker                                                                  



Justin : Aye, whats up?


Chaz : Hey, Aye nothing much, ay how's the dare?


Justin : Ugh, Man, I don't know, I just think I'm probably fallin' for her..


Chaz : You ARE! its not that you probably are!


Justin : probably you're right..


Chaz : Whatever bro, I gotta go to class..



Valerie's POV :



                                     So i'm just walking through the halls and Lulu walked up to me                        



Lulu : Hey Baby!


Valerie : Oh nothing much, just gonna get my homework..


Lulu : Hey why do you go to the bathroom with me?


Valerie : Um I guess, lets go..




                     There was girls washing their hands and using the toilet, I looked at lulu                 


Valerie : So why did you bring me here?


Lulu : Look at the left stall..


Valerie : Okay..




                                                   I looked at the stall and it slowly opened                                                  



Ally : well look who we got here..


Valerie : What the hell do you want?


Ally : Are you still getting the texts?


Valerie : How the HELL do you know about that?


Ally : Its not like you don't know...


Valerie : Ally, Why are you are you still holding a grudge over me?


Ally : Honey, you betrayed me.. I hate you now..


Valerie : Uh, you scared the HELL out of me.. 


Ally : Honey, what are you talking about?


Valerie : You're are Broken..


Ally : I am broken hearted, thanks for noticing


Valerie : You are the 1 sending me texts..


Ally : Maybe I am, Maybe I am not


                          I had enough, I grabbed Ally by her hair and punched her on her lip                            


Ally :  What the hell?!



                                                    I didn't listen, I just kept beating her                                                    


Lulu : Okay, Vale I think she's had a enough!


                                                              Lulu said holding me back                                                                 


Valerie : Get a life, Ally..



Justin 's POV : 



                                   I heard screaming coming from the girls bathroom                                              


                                            " get a life, Ally.." I heard a familiar voice say                                                   



Justin : VALERIE!?!


Valerie : Uh yeah?


                                                        she said walking out of the bathroom                                                  



Justin : What were you doing in there?


Valerie : I saw Ally, then I found out she's the 1 who was sending the texts, So I beat her up...


Justin : Um alright, good job I guess..


Valerie : Shut up..



                           We grabbed our homework, Drove to the police station to get my phone, and


                                                           and went home and took a nap                                                            



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