Valerie is just a normal 18 year old girl, Justin is not, he's a worldwide pop star, they meet at a HUGE party, they fall In love with each other really quick, will Justin go back to Selena? Will he break Valerie's heart? Or what will he do? Find out in "HeartBreaker"


22. Studio Time.....

Justin's POV:


                                                   So im at the studio right now... I have a great Idea..


Justin : Hey um, Scooter.. I wanna kinda make this song about V..


Scooter : um Justin.. Whos V?


Justin : Scooter, V is Valerie...


Scooter : Um okay, sorry, So what do you want to say, "Valerie I love ya so very much baby"


Justin : shut up, would ya?


                                                                         30 minutes later


Scooter : okay justin what you writing?


Justin : look...

                                                              I said handing him the notepad..


Scooter : im 50 for the necklace, look down at my set list, got your girl at my crib watchin Netflix lets just admit that I'm the -


                                                          I cut him off..


Justin : So what do you think?


Scooter : Uh, The song is great...


Justin : it better be... Hey so Major Ali, You got a special lady friend... Dating ..... anyone?


Major Ali : Uh Nah bro... wait for the perfect girl... what bout you?


Justin : Mm, No, Not really, well I have this special girl in my life, Valerie, But we're not dating..I want to date her but i'm just not sure..


Major Ali : Ahh, I get you... what aren't  you sure about?


Justin : Well I am not sure if I am over my ex, Selena, I just will be heart broken if I start a relationship with Valerie, then I go back to Selena..


Juicy J : Hey wassup, uh justin bro, I'm sorry.. I am kinda late, lets just start recording..


Justin : alright, I guess..    



Valerie 's POV : 



                            I miss Justin a lot, I  don't know but I just can't get him off my mind...

                      I just tweeted this "I miss ya, come back.. Lol.. take your time boo.. @ Justin Bieber


     Ally commented this " wow you told me that you weren't into him that much! But whatever you       both just lost a follower!


                                                            I replied back saying...

Ally what kind of friend were you? I thought you would be happy for me... but yeah whatever we're not friends anymore so..



                                          Then Justin walked into the house







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