Valerie is just a normal 18 year old girl, Justin is not, he's a worldwide pop star, they meet at a HUGE party, they fall In love with each other really quick, will Justin go back to Selena? Will he break Valerie's heart? Or what will he do? Find out in "HeartBreaker"


37. Seeing you hurts

Valerie's POV :


Yesterday was just horrible, Justin ended up leaving at 6:00 am, Justin was blowing up my phone and all I did was cry all morning until 8:00 am I got ready for school, then I got in my Cameo, and went to school, I walked up to Ally..


Valerie : Hey..


Ally : Whats wrong? Your eyes are all red and puffy..


Valerie : Justin was dared to date me..


Ally : Aww baby its alright..


Valerie : You're not mad at me anymore?


Ally : I never was, I was just jealous..


Valerie : oh..



Ally's POV :


I was never mad at Vale, She might of beat me up, I was just jealous, I sent those messages to her cause I was jealous, not mad, I personally think that she didn't deserve what Justin put her through, that was messed up, I would prefer him to do that to me not her..



Valerie's POV :

I went to my locker and saw Justin and his friends talking, he looked back and saw me, I quickly unlocked my locker so he wouldn't see me, I tried to grab my books quickly so he wouldn't try and come talk to me, I felt 2 hands rap around my waist..


Valerie : Just-


Christopher (lil twist) : Baby its not justin..


                                                 It was lil twist!!! Where's Justin??


Valerie : What are you doing Christopher??


Christopher : You don't like it bab-


Valerie : NO I don't!


Christopher : Why not? didn't you just go through a bad break up??


Valerie : Yes I did, with your best friend..


Christopher : Yeah I know that, But you're just too beautiful, like ohh


 What is he doing?Is this some kind of prank? Did Justin put him up to this?



Valerie : well thanks, but get your hands off of me!


          he let me go, but he put his hands beside my head, so now we were face to face..he leaned in, but I turned my head, so he kissed my cheek..But Justin came up to us when he leaned in, so it looked like we kissed, then he give me a kiss on the cheek, he pulled christopher by his shirt..


Justin : What up bro?


Christopher : nothing bro


                                                        Justin crossed his arms


Justin : What were your hands doing?


Christopher : Nada


Justin : trying get at my ex?




I looked at Justin and thought, Damnnnn he's so sexy!What?Wait why did I Just think that?

He broke my heart!! I got lost in my thoughts, So lost that I couldn't even hear..


Justin : Valerie?Valerie?


                 I was just staring into space, smiling.. I fell, I fainted, I saw black..



Justin's POV : 


Valerie fainted, right in front of me, she had bruises, on her arms, I carried her to the nurses office..


Justin : Um Ms?


Nurse : Yes?


Justin : Um my friend, she uh fainted..


Nurse : why ?


Justin : I don't know, Just take care of her, alright??


Nurse : okay!



                                                                     2 hours later 


Valerie's POV :


I woke up, My nose was bleeding, and the nurse wasn't in the room, where was she?





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