Valerie is just a normal 18 year old girl, Justin is not, he's a worldwide pop star, they meet at a HUGE party, they fall In love with each other really quick, will Justin go back to Selena? Will he break Valerie's heart? Or what will he do? Find out in "HeartBreaker"


7. Science.......with justin

Justin's POV:



                       I just walked into science class and saw Mrs. Woodrow giving me a weird look she doesn't really like me, but when I walked in I noticed that Valerie wasn't in her seat.


Me: hey Mrs. Woodrow um where's Valerie?


Mrs. Woodrow: I don't know, why don't you look for her?


Me: I was just asking if you knew where she was!


Mrs. Woodrow: just sit in your seat and wait for her.


                                                            30 minutes later


Valerie: um Hey Mrs. Woodrow.


Mrs. Woodrow: Valerie why are you late?


Valerie: Um I had to help Ally, She's not feeling alright.


Mrs. Woodrow: Ally couldn't just go to the nurse by herself?


Valerie: No, she didn't want to go  to the nurse, Cause she didn't want to throw up in the hall way.


Mrs. Woodrow: well I guess, but this will be the last time you are late for my class. 


Valerie: Yes ma'am.


Mrs. Woodrow: go take sit down next to Justin.


Valerie: okay, (whispering) I forgot that I had to sit next to Justin.


Justin: Hey beautiful, So we have to do a project together I can go to your house if you want me to.


Valerie: Okay yeah I guess, today at 6:50, if that works.


Justin: Yeah that's fine, can you give me your number, She we can keep in touch.


  Valerie: Yeah sure.


                                                I gave Justin my number, Right before the bell rang. 



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