Valerie is just a normal 18 year old girl, Justin is not, he's a worldwide pop star, they meet at a HUGE party, they fall In love with each other really quick, will Justin go back to Selena? Will he break Valerie's heart? Or what will he do? Find out in "HeartBreaker"


26. Questions

Valerie's POV:



         the desk lady took Justin into a room, I don't know why she didn't take me into 1                   



Valerie : uh, I am so bored...



                             *DING DONG* My phone just got a text from an unknown number, that says    


" I gave you a warning, but you just didn't take the hint, Bye bye, see ya in hell! " - B


Valerie (thinking) : Ugh, Shoot i'm dead...


                                                                         5 seconds later


Lady : Hello, I am officer Jackie, So I was just asking Justin some questions and I was wondering if I could look at the texts that you got from this Unknown number..


Valerie : Oh yeah, sure..here you go..


                                                               I said handing her my phone                                                              



Officer : hm-mm................Okay lets see, yes these text do seem like threats, Okay so um I have to borrow cell phone for a few days, Not to be like stalking you, but to figure out who this person is.. we'll need to locate this number, so we can track them down, so what do you say?


Valerie : (sighing ) sure I guess..


Officer : okay, Oh wait, I am sorry, we can locate this number, right here, today, it'll just take a few hours..


Valerie : Oh, alright .. you can take it..


Officer : Okay, ill  be with you 2 in a few hours, to give ya some news.. you guys could leave and go somewhere, while me and some investigators locate the number, we'll call you when we're done.. alright?


Valerie : Okay, um , alright..



                                    Me and Justin walk out of the police staion and into his car                                



Valerie : Justin, I have to go get my homework from school, I don't wanna have extra homework when I go back...


Justin : You wanna go right now?


Valerie : Yeah, I just hope I don't see Ally..


Justin : Alright, I guess ill do my homework for the first time...


Valerie : what? you never did your homework?


Justin : Nahh, Well I have, but not the past 2 years..


Valerie : Wow, wow, Omg, You must get in trouble a lot..


Justin : Well Yeah, I always ditch and I do things I am not supposed to do.. I just say YOLO


Valerie : Well thats weird.. but  I do my homework, I am not a good girl nor a bad girl..


Justin : Well you don't have to be Bad or Good to do homework, you just choose to do what you want to do.. Like I never do anything good in school, I don't put my effort in it, I do out of school..


Valerie : I am just tired of being the girl people walk all over, I do stand up for myself, but I feel like they don't take me seriously


Justin : Good girl turns Bad, Nah, You're perfect the way you are..


Valerie : I like you..


Justin : I like you too..


                                                                        5 minutes later...



Justin : we're here boo..


Valerie : Leggo Boo-boo..





                                                  We got out of his car and held hands                                                                 






                               Kinda a boring and short chapter, but the next one will be better                        






                                                       Love : Mrs. Bieber






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