Valerie is just a normal 18 year old girl, Justin is not, he's a worldwide pop star, they meet at a HUGE party, they fall In love with each other really quick, will Justin go back to Selena? Will he break Valerie's heart? Or what will he do? Find out in "HeartBreaker"


16. Problem talking

Justin's POV:



                      I walked up stairs to Valerie's room and saw her looking at her phone angrily 



Justin : whats up?


Valerie : Oh justin, me and Ally are no longer friends anymore..... She doesn't understand!


Justin : Valerie, Look I still feel like its my fault..


Valerie : Ugh Justin, I told you, Its not your fault, alright? Look you're probably my only real friend, Ally might be just texting all my friends that I'm a little backstabbing friend... I only want a real friend.... which is you.....


Justin : Valerie, so you're basically saying you choose me over Ally, You can't probably still fix things with her, you know..


Valerie : Justin, Yes I know, Ally seems pretty serious about not being friends.. Justin I choose you.. Me and Ally or OVER! she needs to understand things better..


Justin : Okay, alright, I guess me and you are officially Best Friends, Just me and you..


Valerie : Yeah I guess we are..


Justin : um Valerie, can I ask you something?


Valerie : Yeah go for it...


Justin : okay I totally understand if you say no, but can I stay here with you for a while?


Valerie : Uh Yeah totally, but why cant you stay with Scooter or  1 of your parents?


Justin : um because Scooter and his Fiancé want some alone time and my parents are out of state, so I cant stay at a hotel because the media will get all crazy and make up rumors, But yeah I just need to get some clothes from Scooter's...


Valerie : Well okay, I understand, So when do you want to go get your clothes?  


Justin : um in 30 minutes or so


Valerie : okay, so can I go with you to get it? or not?


Justin : Yes you can dude...


Valerie : alright let me take a shower..


            Valerie went into her bathroom and turned the water on, then I got a text from Selena



Selena - So who is she?


Justin - who?


Selena - um dont act all stupid, i'm not dumb you know, VALERIE, VALERIE FREAKIN EDWARDS! who is she?


Justin - Selena I wasn't acting stupid or saying you are dumb, and why do you care to know who she is?


Selena - Justin its so obvious that you're just using her to get me jealous...


Justin - Dang it Selena, What? I cant have a female friend? Like foreal though you're just getting yourself jealous...


Selena - Ugh whatever Justin... at least I'm not in high school still like you are... but anyway I have better things to do than talk to a jerk like you!


Justin - yeah coming from you, you're the 1 who texted first..



                                                  20 minutes later        



Valerie : hey Justin, are you ready to gooooooo?


Justin : yeah come on..


Valerie : Okay lets go then..


                                   We walked down stairs and out the door then to Justin's car

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