*A punk fanfic*
Alexandria runs into a bit of trouble when she runs into a group of five guys she was always the type who would do as told. Never miss a curfue. But one night she stays out alittle to late.......


2. Gone

"Dria. Lets go clubbing." My friend Hanna said.

"I don't know Hanna. You know all the bad things that happen at clubs. There are some girls that never come home." I say playing with the beach ball I had in my room as I lay on my bed.

"You never take risks Dria. Come on and take one. Brake out of your shell alittle. Please." Ann begged.

"Fine. But if one of you end up getting raped. I am not helping." I say and I push up my massive glasses.

"Yay!" They both squeal. I roll my eyes.

"Ok. Please tell me that you own contacts." Ann pleaded.

"Oh. I guess I never told you guys. The glasses are faker than a real house wives of Orange County." I say.

"You're kidding." Hanna says. As I shake my head.

"But you wear them all the time." Ann says.

"Yeah. Because they fit what people expect me to look like." I say shrugging.

"She has a point. Most people can't be pretty and beautiful." Hanna says. And we all laugh.

*Few hours later*

We were at the club. I have my glasses in my red handbag. And I am in a little black dress paired with black pumps. My blonde hair curled and my blue eyes outlined with black mascara and eyeliner. And last but not least. Red lip stick. Like really red. We were at the bar and I ordered another margarita as the man makes the drink Ann says

"Dria come dance with us."

"No. I'm good." I say and Ann drags Hanna out and I watch as I am slided my drink. And a boy slides on to the stool next to me.

"I'm Louis." He says.

"Mhm." I say and he looks at me and says

"You the quiet type?"

"Mhm." I answer again. He rolls his eyes and four other boys walk over to him.

"Louis. I see you got a lovely lady here. What's your name?" A curly one asks. I just turn around and face the wall and take a sip of my drink.

"She is hard to crack." I here Louis say.

"Did you try tickling her?" An Irish one said.

"Nah." Louis tapped my elbow. "Can I get your name love?" He asks.

"Will it get you losers away?" I say turning around.

"Whoh. Fisty." The curly one says. Louis slaps his stomache and says


"It's.... Shelia." I say. And I bite my bottom lip.

"Lying's not gonna make us leave love." The Irish one says.

"Fine. My name is Alexandria." I say.

"See it's not that hard love." Louis say.

"Yeah. Whatever you say. Brit. Why are you even here in New York?" I say and Ann comes up to me. I never got an answer for that and I probably never will.

"Dria! Hanna is about to like fall over she's so so drunk." It has been a while we've been here for hours and Ann was the one who didn't want drink.

"Alright." I say and I get up but Louis pulls me back down.

"I'll take you home Alexandria." He says and smiles. I am kinda scared of this guy so I say.

"Yeah. Take her to the house. Get her in the bathroom so she won't puke all over our house." Ann nods and takes Hanna out the door.

"Aww. Alexandria wants us." The blonde says. I roll my eyes and ask

"Do you two ever talk?" To the other two boys.

"They do. But we have a bet going on that they can't talk at a club." The curly one says. I nod. And I have offically finished my drink. And I was taken on to the dance floor by Louis. You see the lighting is so poor in this place that I can only see his face. His friend are all watching us by the bar. Louis and I dance. Mostly Louis though.

*Time gap*

I can tell it's late so I say

"Can I go home now?" To Louis and he nods and walks me over to the bar and his friends come with us and we walk out the back.

"So where's your car?" I ask.

"Over there." He says pointing to the flashing lights of what looks like a car. As I start to walk I am pushed torward the wall and Louis pulls something out of his pocket. And I still can't see because there is no lights at all back here. Next thing I know a cloth is put over my mouth and I accendently breath it in. And every thing goes black.

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