*A punk fanfic*
Alexandria runs into a bit of trouble when she runs into a group of five guys she was always the type who would do as told. Never miss a curfue. But one night she stays out alittle to late.......


5. deep trouble

"So what do we call you Alexandria?" Zayn asks.
"Umm you guys can call me Dria." I say. John throws his coat on to the couch.
"It's a mighty big flat you got here." Liam says.
"Yeah." John mumbles rummaging threw the fridge.
"Must get lonely being here all alone." Louis says.
"Well actually Dria lives here some times and I live at her place sometimes." John says. Smiling.
"Oh. Really." Niall says. And out of the corner of my eye I see Louis getting more and more pissed.
"Um. Yeah." I say.
"Why don't we watch a movie?" John asks.
"Yes! Lets!" I say as I try to brake the awkwardness in the room.
"Actually I think that we're gonna go." Harry says.
"Ok." John says and they leave. My phone vibrates in my pocket.
Get your ass out here. Make up some excuse.
Well I'm in trouble.
"You know what John. I think I should go home. It was nice our....date. I'll see you at work." I say and I practically run out the door. John was gonna say something but I closed the door. In his face. I run down the stairs and when I get out the door Louis is there waiting for me. Arms crossed. And clearly pissed.
"You're coming this us." He says and he pulls me into his van. Where the others are. I awkwardly shift when they stare at me in disappointment. He pulls into my house.
"No. We're not taking you home. You are explaining why you won't be home for a month." Louis says. I was gonna say something but Niall says
"It's best you don't say anything." I nod and get out of the van. I walk up to the door unlock it. And I run through the doors.
"Ann! Hanna!" I yell from my room. Harry was in there. He said to pack up a suit case. He hides in the closet when they walk up. And they could see that I was clearly crying.
"Aww babe what happened." Ann says.
"N-nothing." I say.
"Well something clearly happened. You called us up here." Hanna says.
"I wanted to tell that I'm going away for a while." I say throwing in my curling irons.
"It looks like your leaving for more that a while." Hanna says.
"I-I don't know how long I'm going to be gone ok." I say.
"Do you now where your going? Will you talk to us?" Ann says I zip up my suit case that is packed with anything I might need.
"I don't know." I say and I walk downstairs.
"Well why are you leaving?" Ann says chasing me with Hanna behind her.
"I don't know." I say. Harry was walking out the back door.
"You have to tell us something." Ann says.
"I said I don't know." I say walking to the door.
"Please tell us." Hanna says.
"I SAID I DON'T KNOW!" I yell as I walk out the front door and I slam the door. I wipe the tears that are streaming. I walk down the block hearing Hanna and Ann shouting at me to come back. I called up my modeling company told them I'm going on a vacation. They said ok. They didn't care how long I was gone. I walk down the block and I keep trying to wipe my tears. I don't know if I'll be back. The black van pulls up and Niall gets out and puts my suitcase in the back. I get in and Liam whispers in my ear.
"I'm so sorry." And he try's to hug me but I push him away and the blindfold is put of my head. Someone else try's to hug me.
"Go away." I mumble as I push they away. We stop and I'm pulled out and a door opens and the blindfold is removed. I officially am stuck. I slid down a wall and pull my knees to my chest and I cry. Well continue to cry. Someone comes next to me.
"Louis can be a total ass some times." They says siting down.
"Oh yeah." I say lifting my head to see Niall.
"Completely. But you see he really likes you. And he wants you to be his. And yeah." He says and he wipes my face with a wet cloth. I hold my breath. "This is just water love." He says and I let out the air.
"Thanks." I mumble.
"Can you give the guy a chance." He says.
"Yeah." I say.
"Great." He says.
"When pigs fly." I add.
"That makes more sense." He says and he puts an arm around me. I lay my head on his shoulder.
"Where is the he devil?" I ask. Niall lets out a small laugh.
"The others are trying to call him down before he comes in here." He explains.
"Oh." I say. "He's that mad."
"You're the first person to ever brake one of his rules. You got guts." Niall says.
"So I'm not the first girl he's done this too." I say.
"Well. No. You are. He usually sets rules for his little sisters. And their scared of him so..." Niall trails off.
"I got it." I say. "I didn't know he had sisters."
"He doesn't." Niall says.
"But you just-" he cuts me off.
"He fell in with the wrong crowd. Obviously. And in. When he set those rules um. He was caught with some drugs. And his family disowned him basically and now he's this." He says.
"Oh." Is all I can say.
"Alright let's get you settled." He says and helps me up. He carries my bag up to a room. He lightly places the bag on the bed as I slowly walk in.
"It's been like an hour is Louis really that mad?" I ask.
"I guess." Niall says shrugging.
"Why aren't you out there?" I ask.
"Because. I feel that you should be with someone else than Louis. Because he is unstable and could very well hurt you emotionally but also physically." Niall says.
"Oh great." I say. "Who is this someone else. Because I know your kinda if-y on John."
"That person isn't important." Niall says. "Look. I'm gonna go. You set up your room." I do as he says and I unpack.
"WHERE THE HELL IS ALEXANDRIA!" I hear Louis yell. Well they didn't do a very good job calming him down.
"I KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE SO GET YOUR AS DOWN HERE!" He yells again. I take a deep breath. No fear. I walk down the stairs and I go into the living room.
"Sit." Louis demands. The others were blocking all the exits from the room. Ha. Smart.
"You've got some nerve. Braking my rules you know. But. Going to have to punish you. You do realize that right." He says he's like right in front of me. And the way he said that last part made me shift a little awkwardly.
"Mhm." I say.
"Good. Do you know what I'm going to do?" He asks. I shake my head. "Why would I tell you?" He says in my ear putting his hand on my thigh as he leaned. He squeezed it as he leaned back. I'm in deep deep trouble...






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