Break The Ice

Break The Ice; Louis and Kim were lovers, but somehow, Kim passed away from a broken heart/broken promises. Louis was leaving back to London and promised Kim, he'll marry her when he returned to the US. Both Louis and Kim had promised that they'll love eachother forever no matter the distance, no matter the wait, no matter what gets in the way, dead or alive, they'll always love eachother. When Kim passes, no one informed Louis, and when he started seeing her unexpectedly in London, he wish he'd never made that promised. The only way to set himself free from Kim is... to break the ice.


5. Sophia

Liam: Eleanor said that? 

Louis: Yeah she keeps saying Kim is dead. 

Zayn: She can't be dead, if she was, we've would have been notified. 

Louis: I know, exactly right? 

Harry: Maybe she's just jealous and wants you to stay away from Kim. 

Louis: I don't know guys, she keeps saying that Kim is here and she's attacking her. 

Niall: That's not Kim, how can she be here so fast and leave so quickly? 

Louis: That's what I've been telling Eleanor, but she wants me to believe her that Kim is dead. 

Zayn: Like Harry said, maybe she's only saying that so you can leave Kim and stay with Eleanor. 

Louis: *sighs* I don't know guys, what do you think? 

Perrie: Hey, what's going on? 

Zayn: Babe, Eleanor keeps saying that Kim is dead. 

Sophia: What? Kim's not dead, we were just talking not too long ago. Plus didn't you just came back from visiting her Louis? 

Louis: *chuckles* Yeah I did Sophia. 

Sophia: Then proves she's not dead. 

Perrie: Eleanor is just something Louis, we hardly know her. We've known Kim for 3 years now. 

Louis: *sits in silence* 

Kim: *rings the doorbell* 

Perrie: I got it. *opens the door* Kim?! 

Louis: *runs to the door* Babe? Why didn't you call and tell me you were coming? *hugs kim* 

Kim: *smiles* I wanted it to be a surprise. 

Louis: Next time tell me, so I can prepare ok. 

Kim: Aw, ok. *chuckles* 

Zayn: Since Kim's here, let's all go on a trip? 

Kim: Sounds like fun. 

Harry: To where? 

Zayn: I don't know just somewhere. *chuckles* 

Louis: When are we going? 

Zayn: We can go tomorrow. 

Louis: Eleanor, she's... 

Kim: *smiles* I understand if you don't want to go or if you want her to go, it's totally understandable too. 

Louis: *smiles at kim* Thank you Kim. You're a really great friend. 

Kim: *smiles to the ground* 

(The Next Day) 

Eleanor: So who and who are going? *smiles and sees kim/gasp* 

Kim: *smiles* Hello Eleanor, I'm Kim, it's nice to finally meet you. 

Eleanor: *scared* What are you doing here? 

Kim: *chuckles* I'm friends with everyone here. Louis and I are still close friends, I hope you don't mind. *smiles* 

Eleanor: No, no, not at all. *fakes a smile scared* 

Kim: Great, let's all go then. 

Sophia: Eleanor, how about you sit at the end, Kim sit next to Eleanor, I'll sit next to Perrie, Perrie you can sit next to Kim. 

Eleanor: No, I want to sit next to you Sophia. 

Sophia: Oh, well that's fine then, Kim you and I will switch spots. 

Kim: Ok.  

(Arrives At The Hotel) 

Eleanor: Are you sure Kim's not sleeping in here with us? 

Louis: Yeah, I'm sure babe. She wanted her own room. 

Eleanor: Ok then. 

Louis: *kisses Eleanor* It's gonna be ok. 

Perrie: I know right, I really didn't want her to come with us. 

Sophia: We have no choice, she's Louis's girlfriend. 

Perrie: It's ok, she's sleeping with Louis, so it's all good. 

Sophia: Yeah. 

Perrie: *hears kim talking from the lobby* 

Sophia: *looks down from the balcony* 

Kim: *talking to worker* 

Perrie: C'mon, I got the door open. *walks into the room* 

Sophia: *turns around and sees kim* Whoa! 

Kim: *smiles* What are you doing? 

Sophia: *looks quickly back down and to kim* Weren't you just down there? 

Kim: *laughs* No, I was in my room all along. I just got out. 

Sophia: Are you sure? It's not funny Kim. 

Kim: That's on everything Sophia. 

Perrie: *opens the door* Oh? Hey Kim, you got up here quick, what's wrong Sophia? 

Sophia: *walks into the room* Nothing. 

Kim: I'm gonna go get something to eat, want anything? 

Perrie: No. 

Sophia: No. 

Kim: Ok. *leaves* 

Sophia: Remember when we saw Kim down in the lobby? 

Perrie: Yeah. 

Sophia: Well right after you went in, I turned around and she was standing in front of me. 

Perrie: You're shitting me. 

Sophia: I'm serious Perrie! I think I believe Eleanor now. 

Perrie: Believe? We've known Kim for so long now Soph. 

Sophia: You sat next to her, you didn't smell her? 

Perrie: No, she smelled pretty fine to me. 

Sophia: Whatever, I'm gonna go down to the café, you want to come? 

Perrie: No, I want to unpack everything first. 

Sophia: Ok, well I'm gonna go then. 

Perrie: Ok. 

Sophia: *enters the elevator* 

Kim: *waits for Sophia at the end* 

(Elevator Opens) 

Sophia: *gets scared* Kim!  

Kim: *angry* 

Sophia: Kim? 

Kim: How dare you! *smacks Sophia* 

Sophia: *falls to the ground* Kim? *cries* 

Kim: *transforms herself* You did this to yourself Sophia. 

Sophia: What? *crying* Please don't hurt me. 

Kim: *walks slowly to Sophia* 

Sophia: Please don't... 

Kim: *attacks Sophia* 

Sophia: *screams* 

(Everyone runs out of the room) 

Perrie: Was that Sophia? 

Liam: I don't know, wasn't she with you? 

Perrie: She said she was going down to the café. 

Kim: *comes out of her room* What happened? 

Perrie: Kim? When did you come back? 

Kim: What you mean? 

Perrie: I didn't see you come by and I didn't hear your door. 

Kim: No, there wasn't anything to eat, so I came back up here.  

Liam: I have to go find Sophia. *leaves*

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