Break The Ice

Break The Ice; Louis and Kim were lovers, but somehow, Kim passed away from a broken heart/broken promises. Louis was leaving back to London and promised Kim, he'll marry her when he returned to the US. Both Louis and Kim had promised that they'll love eachother forever no matter the distance, no matter the wait, no matter what gets in the way, dead or alive, they'll always love eachother. When Kim passes, no one informed Louis, and when he started seeing her unexpectedly in London, he wish he'd never made that promised. The only way to set himself free from Kim is... to break the ice.


6. Let's Not Go There

(Later That Night) 

Liam: *crying* 

Harry: *comforting liam* 

Perrie: Who could have done this? 

Louis: I don't know. 

Kim: *silent* 

Eleanor: It was you wasn't it Kim! 

Kim: *looks at Eleanor upset* 

Louis: Eleanor! We don't need this right now. 

Eleanor: It has to be her Louis! There's something strange about her! 

Louis: Eleanor! Please! *looks at kim* Kim, it's not your fault ok. You have nothing to do with this, Sophia's death is a mystery to us all. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *looks at Eleanor mad* 

Eleanor: *gets scared* 

Harry: Eleanor? 

Eleanor: *cries* It was her Louis! I can prove it to you! 

Louis: What? *looks at kim* 

Kim: Why would you blame it on me Eleanor? I don't even know you and you're blaming things on me? 

Perrie: I knew Eleanor couldn't be trusted Louis. 

Eleanor: *crying* What?! The one to not trust is Kim! She's the one that's been attacking me and the one that killed Sophia! 

Kim: I! did not kill Sophia!  

Eleanor: Oh yeah! Then explain when she was screaming, everyone came out of their room, but you came out a little after! 

Kim: *laughs* Eleanor? If I killed her, wouldn't I be coming from the halls? No, instead I came from my room. 

Eleanor: It was you, I just know it Kim, I just know it. 

Liam: Enough Eleanor! 

Eleanor: *looks at liam and then Eleanor* 

Louis: Let's not, let's just all get some rest and we can talk to the cops tomorrow. 

Liam: *sobs*  

Kim: *hugs liam* I'm so sorry Liam. *looking at Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *gives kim a look* 

Kim: *looks at liam* Whatever killed her, we will catch that person. 

Liam: We will Kim and I believe you, I know you didn't kill her because you were in your room when she was screaming. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you for believing me Liam. 

Liam: Go get some rest Kim, we'll talk more tomorrow. 

Kim: You too, don't stay up crying too much, it's not good for you ok. 

Liam: Ok. 

Kim: *goes into her room* 

Harry: It's gonna take time to heal, but you'll be ok Liam.  

Liam: *cries in harrys shoulder* 

Harry: We'll catch the killer and they're gonna be in prison for the rest of their lives ok. 

Liam: They will live for the rest of their life in prison Harry! 

Harry: Yes, they will. 

Niall: C'mon guys, let's get some sleep, we have to be up early tomorrow. 

Harry: Ok. 

Niall: C'mon Liam. 

Liam: I'll come to bed in a bit Niall. 

Niall: Ok don't stay up to late. 

Liam: I won't. *looks to the ground* 

Harry: C'mon. 

Niall: *walks with harry to the bed*

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