Break The Ice

Break The Ice; Louis and Kim were lovers, but somehow, Kim passed away from a broken heart/broken promises. Louis was leaving back to London and promised Kim, he'll marry her when he returned to the US. Both Louis and Kim had promised that they'll love eachother forever no matter the distance, no matter the wait, no matter what gets in the way, dead or alive, they'll always love eachother. When Kim passes, no one informed Louis, and when he started seeing her unexpectedly in London, he wish he'd never made that promised. The only way to set himself free from Kim is... to break the ice.


9. Harry

(The Next Day) 

Zayn: You got everything? 

Perrie: Yeah, I got everything I think. *looks around* 

Zayn: Ok, let's go hang out with Louis and Eleanor. 

Perrie: Ok. 

Harry: *gets out the shower and gets dresses* 

Kim: *pop up behind harry* 

Harry: *turns around and gets scared* How'd you get in? 

Kim: You left your door open all night I guess. 

Harry: Oh? Um, well did you pack all your things already? 

Kim: *sitting on the bed* Yeah. 

Harry: What's wrong? 

Kim: *looking still* I'm sorry Harry. 

Harry: What? What do you mean? 

Kim: *cries* 

Harry: What's wrong, why are you crying? 

Kim: Please forgive me. 

Harry: Yeah, what happened? 

Kim: *grabs the blanket and puts it over harrys head and suffocates him in it/cries* I'm sorry Harry, but I have to end this today. 

Harry: *fights against kim/screams* 

Kim: *throws harry onto the ground* 

Harry: *gets up from under the blankets and trips over his bag and falls thru the window* 

Kim: *eyes widen/runs out the room into hers* 

Louis: What was that? 

Zayn: Sounds like it was from Harry's room. 

Louis: *looks out his window* Harry! *runs out his room* Perrie get Kim! 

Zayn: *runs off with Louis* 

Perrie: *bangs on the door* Kim! Kim! 

Kim: *opens the door* Perrie. *smiles* 

Perrie: We need to go now. 

Kim: Oh okay, just let me... 

Perrie: Forget your things! Harry fell out his window! 

Kim: Oh? 

Perrie: What? What do you mean oh? 

Kim: Perrie, you trust me don't you. 

Perrie: What do you mean? Yeah of course I do! But right now, we need to go! 

Kim: I killed them. 

Perrie: What? No you didn't Kim. 

Kim: *slaps Perrie* Listen to me! 

Perrie: *shocked*  

Kim: I killed Sophia, Niall, Liam, and Harry. 

Perrie: Harry? How? 

Kim: Just how Niall fell to his death. I... I have to go, I can't be trusted anymore Perrie. *grabs her bag and runs* 

Eleanor: *gets in kims way* I knew it was you all along Kim. Why? What did they do to you? It's me that you want, why kill them? 

Kim: *gets angry/turns herself* Killing makes me stronger. *smiles and pushes Eleanor over the balcony and runs off* 

Perrie: Eleanor! 

Eleanor: *falls from the balcony* 

Perrie: Kim! 

Kim: *vanishes* 

Louis: Perrie, where's Kim and Eleanor? 

Zayn: Babe? 

Perrie: *looks down the balcony* 

Louis: Eleanor! *runs to the lobby* 

Zayn: What happened?  

Perrie: It's been Kim all along Zayn. 

Zayn: What? 

Perrie: *cries* Kim's been behind it all! I saw it! She was this ugly rotten... *cries again* 

Zayn: *hugs Perrie* It's ok, let's go. *grabs perries hand and runs to Louis* 

Louis: Eleanor! 

Cop 1: She's gonna be ok, she's out on conscious, she'll be ok, they're gonna take her to the hospital. 

Louis: *sits in the ambulance with Eleanor* 

Zayn: C'mon, get in the car babe. 

Perrie: *sits in the car* 

Zayn: *drives off* 

Kim: *follows zayn and Perrie* 

Perrie: Babe! Step on it! 

Kim: *runs faster* 

Perrie: Zayn! 

Kim: *pops up in the back of the car* What's wrong? 

Zayn: *breaks and loses control/hits a tree and goes flying* 

(8 Hours Later) 

Perrie: *slowly waking up* Ow. *looks at zayn* Zayn? Zayn? 

Kim: Perrie. 

Perrie: *gets scared* What did you do with Zayn? 

Kim: Perrie I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you and Zayn. 

Perrie: *slowly opens the door and falls out/sees zayn* Zayn! *screams and cries* Zayn! *slowly crawls to zayn* Babe! *cries* 

Kim: I didn't want this to go this far Perrie. 

Perrie: What do you want? 

Kim: *looks at zayn* 

Perrie: Zayn? 

Kim: Someone got in the way of my relationship. 

Perrie: Eleanor?  

Kim: I want my love back. 

Perrie: Louis? 

Kim: Only Louis can stop me, until I have him, then I'll stop. *smiles* But killing will make me stronger. *walks towards Perrie* 

Perrie: Please don't hurt me Kim, I'm your friend, you're best friend next to Niall. 

Kim: Niall's already dead. 

Perrie: *cries* Zayn. 

Kim: *laughs* There's no use of calling him, he's already dead. *gets up in perries face* 

Perrie: *screams* 

Dogs: *barking* 

Kim: *looks towards the dogs barking* 

Perrie: Please don't kill me. 

Dogs: *barking gets closer* 

Kim: I will come back for you. *runs off and vanishes* 

Cops: Put your arms up! 

Perrie: Please, I'm hurt. *crying* 

Cops: *checks on Perrie and zayn* 

Perrie: *gets in the ambulance* 

Kim: *watches the ambulance leave*

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