Miracle. You & I.


1. The start of Us.

Well I'm Stephanie and i'm 17. And my best friends Anna and Darlene, they are the same age as I am. We have been besties since 7th grade and the only boy band I sort of like is One Direction but, Darlene and Anna are crazy about them. I have a upper class family including my over protective brother, Louis. I have a boyfriend named Justin, but he is very abusive and no one knows, I am thinking about leaving him. School is about to start up again and school is hard because of Lucy she is so rude and a cheerleader and worst of all, she is head over heels in love with my brother Louis. Yes, I am a Tomlinson. And i am in love with Zayn, I know I shouldn't be but, he is soo cute. Well enough about me let's get to the story.

Stephanie's P.O.V

"Stephanie! Wake up!" my mom said loudly. I get up and walk to my closet filled with new clothes. I already have my outfit ready hanging on a hanger in the very front. I quickly grab it and my peach colored toms and walk to my bathroom to take a quick shower. When I finish i put on my light washed jeans and my peach colored hoodie over my new black 'let love shine' shirt with white letters and peach colored polka dots. I grab my new phone off my nightstand and i grab my black back pack after making sure I have everything. "That took you longer than usual." I hear Louis say. I give him a playful shove and he looks at me funny. Then he says "Zayn will be giving us a ride today." I look at him. "That's fine with me." I say smiling. "I know you like him." He says smirking. "So what if I do?" I say with an attitude. "He doesn't know but,....." He says just as Zayn pulls up. He then pulls out his phone and send me a text and it says 'He told me he likes you' and then i reply 'really? Maybe he'll ask me out' he reads it laughs then he shows it to Zayn. Zayn laughs looks at me then says "I would love to call you mine but, what about Justin?" I remember all about Justin, bad memories cone flooding back and I begin to cry. "Was it something I said?" He asked "No." I say in between sobs. He walks over to me and hugs me and all i want to do is stand there. Then I hear Louis ask me "What's wrong?" I finally have to tell him. I tell them my story on the drive to school. When I say to them how Justin hits me and I see Zayn's knuckles turn white because of how tight his grip was on the steering wheel. Then his voice thick and raspy he asks "Where does he live?" I tell him and he goes to Justin's house. He opens the car door for me and grabs my wrist gently, then i grab his hand.

Zayn's P.O.V

I grab her wrist but, she linked her fingers with mine so I let her. I got butterflies and I have never felt the same for any girl but her. I love her. I just don't know how to tell her. When she told us her story I drove to Justin's house and I asked her "do you want to be with him?" She shook her head so i knocked on the door. Justin answers and he looks at our linked hands. "Slut, your mine! You hold my hand not this trash's hand!" he says. "First, she isn't a slut and second she isn't yours anymore." I say obviously pissed. "Is that so?" He asks her. She then answers "Yeah, we are through i'm done with you!" "Have it your way hoe you'll come back." When he said that I spat in his face and i picked her up and ran. We laughed all the way to the car. Man, her laugh is just amazing.

Louis' P.O.V

All i see is my sister in my best mate's arms and she's laughing. Zayn quickly puts her in the back and he gets in and starts the car. After the car gets quiet he looks at me at me and asks "Can your sister be my girlfriend?" I look at him and at her, her blue eyes pleading. "Well what are you waiting for mate ask." I say. "Yes." I hear him say almost low enough so no one could here, but i heard anyways. I chuckled. "Can you cover your ears?" he says. I do as i an asked to do.

Stephanie's P.O.V

I see Louis cover his ears and wonder why Zayn had closed the glass that made me not be able to hear what they said. "Stephanie?" He says opening the glass. "Yes?" I ask. He says "I am in love with you and I have been since I met you, I am in love with your smile,laugh, your personalaty but mostly I love the fact that you love me too." He blushes. I smile. Then he continues, "Will you be mine?" I look at Louis, he nods. Then i yell, "Yes! A million times yes!" We finally get to school. It takes about 30 minutes since we live far away.

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