Miracle. You & I.


3. A Unexpected Turn of Events.

Stephanie's P.O.V

Me and Zayn have been going out for 5 months now. And still everytime I see him I get butterflies. I've noticed that Harry stares at Darlene too much, but Darlene doesn't seem to mind, after all she likes him. Plus, he doesn't know I'm pregnant. I just have to wait for the perfect time to tell him.

Zayn's P.O.V

I'm going to do something special for Steph. It's her birthday tomorrow. Maybe we'll go on a 'fancy' date. I decide to ask Louis what to do since Harry is out hanging with Darlene and Liam is with Danielle and Niall went out to eat. Typical. "Louis? Where are you?" I say walking around looking for him. "Here I am Zaynie." He says in a rather strange voice. But then i realize Louis doesn't call me that and that's a girl's voice. Only one person has that voice. Veronica. My ex, I left her because she was crazy. I finally find her, in the pantry. Then I see a glint of shiny metal. A knife. I grab the phone and run up stairs then I see a trail of bloody drag marks.... I follow them, then lead to the bathroom. When I see a lifeless body covered in blood. Louis. I quickly lock the door behind me because loud footsteps coming upstairs bring me back to reality. "Zaynie! I told you I'd be back!" She says. Then i hear the noise of her trying to pick my room lock. She succeeds. She overturns every piece of furniture. Frantically searching for me. I dial 911. I give them all the information and soon I hear all the sirens and someone breaking down the front door.

Veronica's P.O.V

Ugh I can't find him. I hate it when he hides from me, after all we belong together. He says I'm crazy but, I am not. Then I hear a loud bang downstairs and a man screams "Freeze!" I put my hands up and keep walking. "I said freeze!" The man screams out once more, as he walks up the stairs slowly. I make a run for the hall closet, but something tugged on my wrist then tackled me. I struggle but, I can't seem to get loose. The arm I have the knife in goes up and stabs the person.

Stephanie's P.O.V

I saw cop lights and I heard a man shout. Suddenly a light haired girl blots by obviously not seeing me. I chase her and I tackle her easily even though i'm 2 months pregnant. But this chick keeps wiggling. Then I see she has a knife. I try to block it from piercing my stomach, but i'm too late. All i think about is my baby then........my world goes black.

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