The story of me

I decided to fuck the other story because my writing sucked so this is the real me


1. Introduction

My name is Bobby I won't give you a last in case you know me. I live in holland a small rough dirty town with not much in it. To say my life was fine and I was happy would be a total and complete lie. I'm a depressed 15 year and have about 0 friends. I do still try to make the best out of life even though it's not easy. So this is the story of me.

I'd just started high school with high hopes for my future. With plenty of friends and a girlfriend to. I was happy, so of course it had to end. It all really started when my sister got diagnosed with depression. I didn't really understand what that meant until one night my sister had a severe panic attack. She'd had them before but this one I could tell was serious. I just remember comforting her in her room when she passed out and stopped breathing. I didn't know what to do I called 911 and we ended up in the hospital. Later that night we got the news that my sister passed away. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard and I went into a state of denial. After I finally accepted her death I got really depressed and antisocial. My girlfriend broke up with me and I alienated myself from most of my friends.

Leave comments I'm not sure if I should continue the story it's not that developed :(

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