17 year old Amber lives with her mom in a flat. Life is wonderful and peaceful at home, but what is a pain in the ass is having to deal with her bully. Harry Styles.



13. Chapter 12

~~Amber's POV~~

I was heading over to Harry's flat. I wanted to hang out with him today, it was Friday and I had nothing to do. As I walk in I don't see Harry in the living room. I hear noise in the kitchen and decide to go over and see whats going on. I'm shocked when I see Harry kissing..... Kristy? It looks like he's enjoying it, and they wont stop. Tears stream down my face. Harry finally notices me and pulls away. Kristy looks at me and says, "Oops. I gotta go now. Bye Harry." She walks pass me bumping into my shoulder. I just stare at the floor crying. Why did he kiss her? Did he still have feelings for her?

"Amber I promise you I can explai-"

"You don't need to I understand."


"No you fucking retared! I came over here just thinking of spending time with you, but instead I find you kissing your damn ex."

"She kissed me first you gotta understand that."

"I get that, but what I don't get is why you kept kissing her, you liked it Harry. You didn't even hesitate to pull back."

"I'm sorry. I'm a fucking screwed up mess. I don't deserve you. Can you please forgive me?" His eyes began to water a little. As much as I wanted to believe him. I couldn't. Why would he do that? What did I do wrong?

"No Harry. I gave you a chance to change, but I guess you can't. What was I thinking. Of course you wouldn't be diffrent. I was too blind to realize that."

"No no no please I beg you. Please forgive me baby." He came closer and tried to hug me but I pushed him away.

"No! Its over. This is all over. We are over Harry. I never want to see you ever in my life." I turned around and walked towards the door. Harry was yelling my name saying 'come back. Please don't leave me' instead I ignored him and left.

~~Authors Note~~

I am sorry I haven't updated since forever but I hope you like this chapter. Yes, I know its short.

Thank you for the 300 reads!!

And again I love you guys! -Lexi c;

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