It all started in summer '09

Inspired by "Rock Me" this Harry fan fiction is set right after his xfactor auditions before he was famous. You will join in his ups and downs. Will he loose his best friend? Or will they become something more? Read more to find out!

Thanks for reading! My first movella!


4. What did I just do!


Yes! I knew you could do it" she shouted while I spun her around in a hug. "I'm so proud of you" she gushed, "Thank you so much Ash" I said in nearly a whisper. Just then I could barely contain my excitement and before I knew it our lips met.

*End of flashback*

The kiss only lasted for a second but boy did sparks fly, like fireworks not just the little ones you see in back yards but like the ones they shoot for the Olympics!

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I'll go" Crap what did I just do?

I started to turn around when I felt someone grab my wrist, then I herd one word that shocked me,



Ok I know this is super short and I am so sorry, like you can't even imagine but I will try my best to update before next weekend. I know this chapter is crap but I promise I will give a long next chapter. Lots of love as always to anyone who reads this, if you write a fan fic I would love to read it just comment the name and I will find it through your profile.

And thanks again for reading! Means the world to me!

P.S. This chapter is dedicated to crazyangel for commenting so go follow them!

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