It all started in summer '09

Inspired by "Rock Me" this Harry fan fiction is set right after his xfactor auditions before he was famous. You will join in his ups and downs. Will he loose his best friend? Or will they become something more? Read more to find out!

Thanks for reading! My first movella!


2. Introduction

*Ashley's point of view*

I name is Ashley Marie, and I have a story I would like to tell. I guess I should start out by saying I live in a small village called Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire. I work after school and on the weekends in a little bakery that we call "the bake" with my good friend Harry. The summer of 2009 was the best summer of our lives! We... Well I will leave that for a later time but I will say I will surely never forget summer '09.

*Author's note*

Ok well I kinda suck at writing but I had a dream and thought it would make a cool story... So here it is! I really hope you like it, and if you do please comment and give any suggestion I promise I will consider any of them I can get. Don't forget to vote!

Xx Liz xX

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