It all started in summer '09

Inspired by "Rock Me" this Harry fan fiction is set right after his xfactor auditions before he was famous. You will join in his ups and downs. Will he loose his best friend? Or will they become something more? Read more to find out!

Thanks for reading! My first movella!


5. chapter 2


Hey guys! I am sooooo sorry, I took forever. Btw the last chapter was just a teaser, and not a real chapter I am well aware of that, just wanted to post something so you know i didn't forget. Anyway thanks for reading and follow me on twitter! @kjournal44 (old username, but its a 1D/5SOS page) and I will follow back, just ask. ok well thanks babes...

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Yes! I knew you could do it" she shouted while I spun her around in a hug. "I'm so proud of you" she gushed, "Thank you so much Ash" I said in nearly a whisper. Just then I could barely contain my excitement and before I knew it our lips met.

*End of flashback*

The kiss only lasted for a second but boy did sparks fly, like fireworks not just the little ones you see in back yards but like the ones they shoot for the Olympics!

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I'll go" Crap what did I just do?

I started to turn around when I felt someone grab my wrist, then I herd one word that shocked me,



Ok I know this is super short but if I get 2 votes on this chapter I will update with a big chapter, I just have midterms next week so I haven't had time but I am going to a basketball game so I should have time today to work on it.

And thanks again for reading! Means the world to me!

Ok guys so I am in the middle of writing a new chapter sorry 'procrastinator of the year' right here but any way what do you think is gonna happen? And if you are interested in co writing on this just send me a direct message and we can figure it out, I just want one though so, first come first serve pretty much! Ok so thanks for your patience!


Harry's P.O.V.

It has been a week since the audition and the kiss with Ashley, we haven’t talked but that’s my fault I haven’t answered her texts or calls, I just don't know what to say to her. Well I am working at the bakery today and so is she so I guess I will talk to her then.

*Later That Day*

“Thanks mum, I'll get a ride home, or just walk, it isn’t supposed to rain till morning right?”

“That's what they said, but don't count on it, those clouds look stormy. If you end up needing a ride just give me or Gem a call okay? I don't want you walking home alone in the rain, that's just the start to every bad kidnapping show no?”

“Mum I'll be fine, okay? I'm not a baby, what are you gonna do when I am at the X Factor house?”

“Harry, stop reminding me, I'm so proud of you but I cant imagine you not being home all the time, I don't know what I'm gonna do” she says with a sad expression “Now go before I start crying!” she shooed me out. “bye mum love you” I said while waving her off.

“Hey Harry!” she greets putting down her tray of pastries she was carrying “Hey, where's Carol? Wasn't she she supposed to open up today?” I asked. “She was gonna, but I called her and offered to take her shift and let her sleep in, besides I wanted to see my Haz” she said sweetly. God I missed her “I missed you to Haz” “did I say that out loud?” “yeah” she said giggling. “well its true” I said pulling her into a hug. She smiled up at me, ugh I want to kiss her again. “No one's stopping you...”

“Wow I said that out loud again, Smooth”

“yeah ya did”

“sorry” I said looking down embarrassed.

“Now stop that”

“Stop what” I'm confused again... seems to be a repeating theme lately

“You've been acting different since the kiss” she said sweetly

“Have not” I said raising my voice a little bit more than necessary

(even though I knew I was lying to myself aswell as Ash.)

“Haz you're lying to yourself” she spoke clearly

“I'm sorry” I said returning my voice to a calmer tone

“For what?” she asked clearly puzzled

“For everything, for the kiss and for ignoring you and for acting strange since-”

“ Don't be” she interrupted, “it was just a kiss”

“yeah but...” I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with this...

“But what” she said below a yell but still higher than her normal speaking voice

“But I love you” wow... yep, guess that's where I was going with that.


Hey guys so what did you think? leave me a comment or message me and I promise again, I will read any of your stories, and even mention it if you just comment the name. (I am always looking for new stories) Anyway YAY! mother son moment! I didn't plan on putting that in there but I thought it was cute, comment "Hazza" if you read this to the end



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