Mina & Victoire Black

Victoire and Mina are your normal every day girls, but with one slite diffrence from most in their elimentry school. Their mother died affter they were born, their father left when they were young . But these tiwns have more to think about than having no parents that they knew were still alive.


3. platform 9 3/4

Victoire and Mina were confused both of their tickets read platform 9 3/4, there was no platform 9 3/4. Victoire looked around and she saw that boy -from Olivander's- Draco who was standing with someone who looked to be his father. "Draco!" Victoire called when she and Mina got closer to him she asked "how do you get to platform 9 3/4?". His father glared at her and her sister, and before Draco could say anything he said to his son "Draco time to go." And they left so Mina and Victoire stood there until some one called " Mina, Victoire!" Both of them turned around to see their friends Anabeth and her brothers Maxwell and john Wes -they were triplets- together the twins hugged their friends who whispered "are you going to Hogwarts to!" Both twins nodded. As a last dich effort they asked "Do you know how to get to platform 9 3/4?" Max looked surprised and responded "Of course we do we're half-bloods" Victoire and Mina looked at them waiting for an explanation, John noticed and said quickly "We have one magical parent, our mom. Just follow us." So they listened to them and followed them through the barrier on to platform 9 3/4 and on to the train.


Note* I will try to make the next chapter longer.

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