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Lily and Harry have been dating for a few years. They are the cutest couple ever. The will starting University in just a few days! Lily is so nervous but she can't wait to meet new people. Harry though is not nervous at all. In fact, he is too much confident. And that is what will break them.


2. University

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" So are you ready? " 

Harry turned to look at Lily. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have a girl like her. Everytime he looks at her, he feels the same way then the first time that he saw her. How could he not? The way she place her hair behind her ear, how her eyes sparkle in the sun light, the way she laughed but the thing that he likes the most is the way she wiggled her toes when she's shy. Everything about her was perfect. 

" Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something in between my teeth? " Lily spoke.

" ... No. " 

Her eyebrows lifted and her cheeks turned pink. 

" Why did you hesitate? " 

" I didn't! " He said hurriedly. 

She put both of her hands in front of her mouth, ashamed. 

" Yes you did! OMG, OMG. Why didn't you tell me earlier? " 

Harry was flabbergasted. 

" No. I'm telling you, you've got nothing between your teeth! " 

He took her in her arms and said: " I was just wondering how lucky I am to have a girl like you. "

" Arrrr! " 

She pushed him away an started to go. 

" Oh! Come on! What's the mater now? " Harry said

She gave him a big smiled and said: " Just kidding. " 

With a big sigh they started walking towards the building, hands in hands. They arrived at the main stand and took their papers. Harry's paper said that his brotherhood was the Beta house. Lily's said that her's was on the opposite side of he campus. They were both a little disapointed but they said that after the first semester, they would get a house together. The fact that they were far appart made Lily even more nervous. But she decided to put that thought away knowing Harry loved her dearly. 

" We should go unpact and then meet here later. I love you. "

They sweetly kissed and then went in their own direction.


When Lily arived at her assigned room, she found it empty. She placed her bag on her bed and started to put her clothes in the wardrobe. The room wasn't that big but it had a great view. You could see the entrance. The wall were white. There was a desk for her and one for her room mate. 

A few moments later, someone nocked at the door. 

" Uh! Yes come in! " 

A girl with brown hair entered. She was very tall and sporty. She was wearing gym clothes and was all sweaty. 

" Hi, I'm Jennifer. And you are? " She said with a big smile. 

" I'm Lily, your room mate. " 

" Oh! Yes, of course! That's why you're in my room." 

Lily laughed and they started talking while unpacking. 


Harry was already loving University. Girls were checking him out and smiling at him. His room mate was nice and he has already been invited to a party and he was planing to go. 


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