Vampire Hybrid

Cara Martin finally finds out who she is. After she knows the truth about herself, Cara sets out on an adventure to find out who her parents are. On her quest to find out who she really is, she will face all kinds of danger.


9. Chapter 8

Cara's POV

I woke up to find Jasper looking at me. I had a strange feeling of deja vu. Odd. The creatures guarding us told us we had fifteen minutes to get ready before the Faceless One was going to start questioning us again. Well, questioning me and torturing Jasper. This was going to be fun. And why fifteen minutes anyways? Was Faceless One doing his makeup or what? 

"Put this on." I heard.

Oh. That's why we had fifteen minutes. One of the guards had just brought in some clothes for us. They led Jasper to another room to get changed. I looked at my clothes. I had to wear a black and red dress that went down to the ground. Ew. Well, other than the black and red part. They even had some kind of mini hell fairies come in and do my hair. Why where they prepping me up like this? Seriously, I would never understand how Faceless One's brain worked. I was about to walk out of the room when the hell fairies even gave me a pair of black ballerina flats. You got to be kidding me. 

"Follow." one of the little fairies said.

They were actually kinda cute, with their little wings fluttering around. It was really to bad that they were on the dark side. I followed them down the same hallway as yesterday and they brought me into the throne room, the same on from yesterday. Jasper was already standing there, looking dashing in his dark suit (I really needed to stop noticing all the wrong stuff) with his hair washed and in a slight quiff. 

"Did you sleep well?"

"No." I answered automatically. 

"Are you insulting my hospitality?" Faceless One asked, anger clear in his voice.

"No, no of course not! I just had a bad dream, that's all." this guy could really be scary when he wanted to.

"What exactly where you dreaming about?"

"Just of, um... getting thrown into a huge stove of hell fire with Jasper." I was starting to get the hang of lying while blocking my thoughts so that he couldn't read them. Where did I learn that anyways?

"Hmmm...maybe that dream of yours will become reality someday." he said, slightly amused. I really hope not, that wouldn't be pleasant.

Jasper was looking at me, a small smile on his thin lips. I was starting to believe that this wasn't a dream after all and that it was actually happening. 

"As I said yesterday, we will start the serious questions today." Faceless One paused before continuing, asking me the first question. "How do you fly?"

Damn it, I'd forgotten to think about that kind of stuff yesterday! 

"Since I know how hard it is to reveal one of your biggest secrets to someone totally unknown, I will give you twenty seconds to gather yourself and tell me. After that, your boyfriend will have to suffer."

I was in full panic mode now. How do I fly? I don't! But that's what I get for inventing weird stuff and not thinking about the future. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Jasper sink to the ground, his face contorted in pain.

"It depends." I said, to buy some time.

Jasper stopped moving around on the ground and just lay there, breathing heavily. Faceless One seemed very interested in my answer and leaned forwards in his chair.


"It depends on how I'm feeling. If I'm scared, sometimes I just randomly float off. If I'm really concentrated on flying away, I grow wings."

"Interesting. Well, you will be rewarded for your honesty. You can have the rest of the day off. Now out of this room before I change my mind."

We got led out of the throne room again. This time, instead of going to the cell we were in the night before, we were brought into another room, all black and red and had two beds, two dressers and two bookshelves. It was I nice room I finally decided. I liked the color taste.

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