Vampire Hybrid

Cara Martin finally finds out who she is. After she knows the truth about herself, Cara sets out on an adventure to find out who her parents are. On her quest to find out who she really is, she will face all kinds of danger.


6. Chapter 5

Cara's POV

I woke up in a dark room, surrounded by weird creatures holding clubs. One of them yelled something in a odd language and all of them stood up, turned towards me and threatened me with their clubs. I tried shifting my position but that's when I realized I was tied to someone with a some kind of rope woven with steel threads. I turned my head but I still couldn't see who was there. All that shifting around must have told the person I was awake because they patted my hand.

"Who is there?" was all i could say.

''It's me." a voice answered.

"Who?" i asked again.

"Me, Jasper." the same voice continued, slightly agitated now.

I couldn't remember who this person was. I searched my brain but i still couldn't remember.

"I don't know you. I'm sorry." I finally said after a few minutes of thinking.

''Cara, you have to remember, please!" the voice continued, pleading. "You have to remember who I am. Jasper. You knew me. You know me."

I still didn't know who this stranger was. I tried remembering but it felt like the past few days had been a blur. The last thing i could remember was waking up for my 15th birthday. That's all.

"I'm so sorry but i don't know who you are." i said again.

I felt bad. Why couldn't i remember this boy who obviously cared so much about me. I tried but it just made me feel dizzy. There was a few minutes of silence. Then the boy said:

"It's okay. Just try to remember me. Fight the curse. Please."

What curse? Before i could respond, I was being unattached from this mystery boy and dragged out of the room. What was i doing here? I had so many questions. Then i got thrown into a black room. In front of me was a huge black throne with the most terrifying creature sitting on it. The thing on the throne had to be at least four times my height if not more and had a blank face with no eyes, no mouth, no nose, nothing. It's skin was scaly and it had two huge horns sticking out of his head. It was wearing black armor and had a huge black sword two times my size leaned against the wall beside it. I must be dreaming...

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