Vampire Hybrid

Cara Martin finally finds out who she is. After she knows the truth about herself, Cara sets out on an adventure to find out who her parents are. On her quest to find out who she really is, she will face all kinds of danger.


3. Chapter 2

Cara's pov


I had a feeling that had to go to the woods behind the church. I didn't know why but i followed my instincts anyways. Some kids said the woods where haunted but i didn't believe all that. But then again, so many things I didn't even imagine could happen had. Maybe the woods where haunted? I hesitated, then took one step towards the church. Immediately i felt something hit my head and i drifted into unconsciousness. 

The first thing i saw waking up was a handsome teenager staring at me. He had red eyes, black hair and a flawless face. He seemed scared of something. I looked around myself. I was in an empty white room, i could detect no danger. I looked back at him. Then I realized he was staring at me. Why in the world would he fear me? I was just an unarmed teenage girl and he had a gun at his belt. He could kill me if he wanted too.

"No, you're wrong. I can't kill you. You're a hybrid. There is only one thing that can harm you and it is very rare." he told me.

I looked at him funny. Did he just guess what i was thinking about or could her read minds? I needed to be more careful with my thoughts. I jumped slightly when he chuckled. Ok, he can definitely read minds I thought to myself. He nodded. I frowned. 

"Jeez that's annoying." I told him. 

He just shrugged. And said.

"I don't know your name."

"Cara. Cara Martin." i informed him.

"Nice meeting you. I'm Jasper. I'm a vampire."

We talked and talked. Finally, he let me out of the white room and allowed me to go in to the woods. We said our goodbyes and parted ways. Again, I had this feeling that told me where to go. I heard i twig snap. I looked around myself. Nothing unusual. Just bushes and trees. I felt something touch my cheek gently and stiffened. There was no one there. I was so scared i accidentally took flight. Ugh. I needed to get my two feet on the ground again before someone saw me. 


Jasper's pov


After Cara was out of view, I turned invisible and followed her. I didn't know why, I just did. I was so concentrated on her face that i accidentally stepped on a twig and it snapped. Cara looked around herself with fear in her eyes. I don't know what I was thinking but I approached her and gently stroked her cheek and she stiffened. Suddenly two big wings appeared on her back and she flew away. I sighed. She was beautiful... wait, why was I thinking that. She was a hybrid. Liking her even just as a friend was against the rules of supernatural creatures. I was interrupted by a voice shouting:

"Jasper, is that you?"

I swore under my breath and looked up at the sky where Cara was still flying. I'd been so deep in my thoughts that I forgot to keep myself invisible. Cara landed beside me gently. 

"Jasper, are you ok?" she asked me.

No I was definitely not ok. I had just found out I had feelings for a girl that was completely out of limits and she probably didn't like me back. I sighed and said:

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Jasper, you're lying." she said "Just tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing" i lied again.

"Please." she begged, her purple eyes staring into mine.

''I'm sorry Cara, I can't tell you yet." I told her truthfully. 

I could tell she was worried but she didn't push me. She just proposed I accompany her to where ever she was going. I couldn't say no to her. 

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