Always Mine

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Davis. I'm 18 and I live in Cambridge, England. My parents are Marine biologists so they travel around the world a lot. That means I don't see much of them, but the upside is that I get the house to myself because I'm an only child. Clair my best friend and basically sister spends most of her time at my house with me. But let me tell you more about myself. I have dark green eyes, medium-length brown hair, and I'm pretty short. I'm very social and not very independent. Like most teenagers, I love to spend time with my friends and listen to music, especially One Direction. Clair and I have loved 1D since the beginning on the X factor. Liam Payne is my favourite member of One Direction. His warm eyes and kind eyes make my heart melt. He is truly gorgeous. They have such great personalities. I really want to meet them one day, but there are millions and millions of girls in the world who want to meet them. What makes me so special?


4. The Concert

Mackenzie's P.O.V

   I woke up with my head pounding.What did we do last night? Oh. Right. Clair and I had a party. I was apparently in the bathtub. I dont even know what happened. I got up and looked in the mirror. It all came back to me. Last night, Clair and I painted eachother's faces with black marker. We  pretended to be members of the band "Kiss". I was Starchild and Clair was Spaceman. I laughed at myself in the mirror but soon regretted it. I ran to the toilet and threw up. And cue the hangover. I hope it didnt last long.

I looked down and had one shoe on, my right converse was missing. I walked out of the bathroom and looked around. There was someone on the couch with a bottle of rum in his hand in the living room. I stumbled into the kitchen and practically had a heart attack. Clair was just chilling on top of the refridgerator sitting there passed out."Clair!", I yelled. That didnt work."Clair!", I yelled even louder than before. I really did not want to yell for the third time, it hurt my brain."I'm awake I'm awake, just stop yelling", she said putting her hands up in surrender. She hopped down and almost fell.

"Come on, we have to go tell everyone to leave."I yawned which made Clair yawn too. We went into the living room and woke up the guy on the couch. Clair checked out the front lawn and of course there were people laying on the lawn."Hey you people, you have to go like now." We heard a bunch of groaning from them."I'm surprised they left that quickly", she said. We searched the rest of the house and found two other people. One girl was laying in the closet and another was sitting in a chair. Someone must have rapped him in pink duct tape."Where did they get that?" "I have know idea", I mumbled.

Clair and I sat down on the couch. Wow this place was a complete mess.Stuff scattered every where, upstairs and down."Well, we better start cleaning." "You were serious about that?" "A promise is a promise", she said as she got up.

It was currently 5:00 and we have been cleaning for 5 hours. We were almost done."Oh my god." Clair suddenly stopped cleaning and looked up."We have the concert tonight, February 23, it's today!" "What time does it start?" "7:00" "Woah, we need to finish cleaning and hurry up!" My eyes were completely open.

A half hour later we were finished.

"Hey do you want to use my downstairs shower and I will use the upstairs one?" "Yeah thanks. It would be 6:30 by the time I get to my house because of all the traffic."No problem", I said.

We both took reallly fast showers. All the times Clair has came over to my house to spend the night she would always forget something whether it be a sock or a pair of skinny jeans. Luckily for her I washed them and gave them back to her.

Clair curled her hair and I straightened mine even though I didn't need it. I put on a pair of hoop earings that I could fit my fist through. I went into the bathroom and put on a little eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip gloss. The perfect amount. A pair of black skinny jeans, a sweatshirt and my magenta converse was my outfit. Clair's was basically the same but she was wearing ugg boots instead of converse."We look good", Clair said admiring us and noddling. I had to agree. I looked at the clock. 6:20.

"Shit", I sigh."What?" "Tickets." "Damn it! We have to go back to my place. Take the long way around because the short way will be packed."

We sped down the road and made a bunch of turns. The speed limit was 30.  I was probably going about 45.

We pulled up to her house. I barely stopped and Clair runs out of the car and into her house. Two minutes later she comes running out with backstage passes and tickets held up in the air. We had 25 minutes to get there. I didn't want to be late, so once again I speeded and we didn't even get cought by the police.

We arrived with three minutes to spare and we ran to our third row seats. There was already more than half of the seats taken. After we got settled, five boys came down onto the stage attached to wires. A very dramatic entrance and we laughed.

Harry started the concert with a "hello Cambridge, England. How are you guys doing?" The crowd responded with a roar then Best Song Ever started to play. Me and Clair started singing like everyone else.

We were so close to them, I was so excited! Then they did Story Of My Life. They answered some twitter questions, then continued with Diana, Midnight Memories, You & I, Happily, Through the Dark, Little White Lies, Half a Heart, Dont Forget Where You Belong and finished with Alive. It was a great concert but it was about to get even better.

People started to leave after the performance, but we went backstage. There were three other girls in front of us to meet them. They each got 10 minutes to talk to the fans. On the inside I was exploding with anxiousness. After awile it was our turn.

"Hello ladies', Niall greeted us. They all had bottles of water with them."Hey", we responded simultaneously with a gentle smile."What are your names?" "I'm Mackenzie and this is Clair." "How old are you", Liam asked. "I'm 19 and Mackenzie is 18", Clair answered for me. "Did you enjoy the concert?", Zayn asked. "It  was amazing." I tried not to be too loud. "Hey, haven't we met before?", Harry questioned. He was asking Clair."Umm. Yeah after a very embarrasing experience", she said with an uncomfortable face."Yeah thanks again by the way." "Your welcome love." I saw Harry checking her out. I looked back at the other boys and saw Liam staring at me and then he quickly looked away as if it never happened."So what was your favourite song?" "Well mine is Midnight Memories" and "mine is Alive", Clair joined in."Really?" Louis said."You girls like upbeat songs?" "That's different, usually girls like You & I or Half A Heart, more slow songs", Liam said surprised."We aren't like most fans", I said with a grin."You girls are the calmest fans we've seen all night", Zayn said.

"Time's up", Paul interrupted, coming into the circle we were in."C'mon Paul these fans are cool unlike the other ones who were just touchin mine and Louis's hair the entire time", Niall defended. "Alright 5 more minutes."

"Would you girls want to hang out sometime, get a coffee or something?" "We would love too!" Clair nodded. I gave my number to the boys and Clair did the same."Alright we better get going", I said with a sad expression,"Goodbye." "See you soon", they responded, and we walked off.

Liam's P.O.V

As soon as they left, Harry spoke up."I call dibs on Clair." "I call Mackenzie, she is so beautiful." Louis is dating Eleanor and Zayn was happy with Perrie so Niall was the one left out. He accepted it. We all went back to my house to hang out for the night.


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