Always Mine

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Davis. I'm 18 and I live in Cambridge, England. My parents are Marine biologists so they travel around the world a lot. That means I don't see much of them, but the upside is that I get the house to myself because I'm an only child. Clair my best friend and basically sister spends most of her time at my house with me. But let me tell you more about myself. I have dark green eyes, medium-length brown hair, and I'm pretty short. I'm very social and not very independent. Like most teenagers, I love to spend time with my friends and listen to music, especially One Direction. Clair and I have loved 1D since the beginning on the X factor. Liam Payne is my favourite member of One Direction. His warm eyes and kind eyes make my heart melt. He is truly gorgeous. They have such great personalities. I really want to meet them one day, but there are millions and millions of girls in the world who want to meet them. What makes me so special?


3. House Party

Mackenzie's P.O.V

Clair and I decided to throw a house party but she forgot to mention it was going to be at my house. I don't remember me saying yes to the idea but somehow Clair worked her magic on me. She said she would help me clean up after the party but I doubt it. Let me tell you a little secret about Clair. She is a major party animal. Take Clair, put her in a room with loud music and alcohol and you have yourself an undestroyable monster.

So we went out shopping for the usual party stuff which was mostly alcohol and strobe lights. Whenever we throw a party we always buy a bunch of strobe lights so we can put them all over the house. Of course they get broken so we have to get more each time.

We aren't officially old enough to buy or drink alcohol so we have fake IDs. Thank the Lord! On my ID card it says I'm 22 which people can definitely definitely believe. I look older for my age but a good older. On Clair's it says she is 21 which is pretty accurate. You might be wondering how Clair can serve drinks at the pool bar under age well the policy says she can serve it just not drink it

We drove to the local drink store with a lot of cash. We got vodka, rum, gin, tequila and some others. The cashier was a friendly guy. We walked up to him smiling

"Hey ladies can I please see some ID", said the man. We pulled them out and showed him. "Thank you". He skanned the bottles and put them in the bag. "Have a nice day", said the man, "thanks you too", I said.

"Yes! They bought it!", Clair giggled as soon as we got into my car. Next stop was "Gary's Light's".

What I love about this store is that it is dim so you can see all the lights on the walls. And everything is glow-in-the-dark! Gary, the store owner loved both of us. We were his favourite customers since we came here quite often. We bought 10 lights of every color. While I checked out Clair tweeted about the party.

@ClairBester: Open invite, party at @KenzzDavis place at 8:00.

We headed back to my house to get things set up. Best Song Ever by One Direction came on and we started to sing. We always splitted up the parts in 1D songs. I would get Zayn, Louis, and Niall and Clair would get Liam and Harry. We were actually both very good singers.

We pulled into the driveway, got the bags and went into the house. "What time is it?", I asked. "6:30", Clair responded, "we need to hurry!" We quickly set up the lights throughout the house hanging them on the curtains, chandeliers, and on the top borders of the walls. These big flashing lights was a nice touch to the party. We set up cups and cleared off the table for games, spin the bottle and beer pong. For the most part, the house was pretty clean so we didn't have to clean much.

After we were finished, Clair took my car to her house so she could get ready. I had 45 minutes. I took a really quick shower and blew dry my hair. I put on my favorite pair of spandex which had zebra print in neon pink and green. It's kind of thing with me that I wear spandex under anything and everything. I put on a purple scoop T-shirt and the tightest pair of skinny jeans I owned. Whenever girls went to parties they would always try to wear their tightest jeans. It made your bum look bigger. It was kinda "Go Hoe or Go Home".

I grabbed my straightener and straightened every inch of my hair. I finished up with a black beanie and purple converse. I sprayed myself with girl ax and I was done.

Clair texted me. She was on her way.

People started coming in at about five minutes after eight. At 8:15 the house was flowing with people, half of which I didn't even know who they were. I started to pour drinks in the kitchen when this obviously drunk girl came up to me with a cup in her hand. "This is the BEST party ever! I love the songs!", she shouted slurring every word. "Thank you", I yelled over the loud music and she walked away.

I started to take shots with Clair. I made up this drink called the "Red Devil" and we each took five. We both could withstand a lot of alcohol despite our small bodies. Everyone was cheering us on and my vision started to get fuzzy. We went into the living room where the music was loud and this guy started grinding on me. After a couple minutes I turned around and damn, he was hot! We started making out and we were pressed up against the wall. His mouth tasted like vodka.

I looked over and saw Clair with some guy dancing like crazy. Once she got the music in her bones there was no stopping her.

As things were getting interesting Clair pulled me away to go dance. The rest of the night was a blurr. But see? I told you she was a party animal.

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