Always Mine

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Davis. I'm 18 and I live in Cambridge, England. My parents are Marine biologists so they travel around the world a lot. That means I don't see much of them, but the upside is that I get the house to myself because I'm an only child. Clair my best friend and basically sister spends most of her time at my house with me. But let me tell you more about myself. I have dark green eyes, medium-length brown hair, and I'm pretty short. I'm very social and not very independent. Like most teenagers, I love to spend time with my friends and listen to music, especially One Direction. Clair and I have loved 1D since the beginning on the X factor. Liam Payne is my favourite member of One Direction. His warm eyes and kind eyes make my heart melt. He is truly gorgeous. They have such great personalities. I really want to meet them one day, but there are millions and millions of girls in the world who want to meet them. What makes me so special?


2. Forgot?!

Mackenzie's P.O.V

The weeks that followed were pretty normal. Nothing special happened. Clair and I went shopping everyday. Clair's parents are very rich so we hit a lot of stores and bought clothes, movies and a lot more. We even got matching tattoos. Behind our right ear it says Promise in cursive with a little infinity sign underneath it. It symbolized our friendship and how we would be there for each other together forever.

But something unexpected happened. Clair's boyfriend, Chris, broke up with her for some slutty blonde in a dress two sizes too small. Ugh. Jerk. His loss. So I helped Clair get over that asshole. We burned all of his pictures, blocked him on every social website, and threw darts at his picture. We might have took it too far but whatever, it was fun! What he did really hurt her and we were trying to get her back to her usual fun self.

"Who does he think he is? I don't need him, I never needed him and I never will need him!" She then started to mutter swear words to herself about him. "Clair don't think about him, he's not worth it", I said reassuring her. "I know I just thought he was perfect, the one. He was so sweet, caring, hot, funny... All of it wasn't real to him," she rambled on. "You know what I think? I think we should go take a walk through the park you know clear the mind". "That sounds great", she said with relief.

The park was a five minute walk from my house so we decided to walk there. We talked about anything that came to mind.

"That's a lot of money to tell people when to get on and off". We were talking about my job as an amusement park ticket collector. The roller coaster I ran was the Spine Twister, my favorite. It has so many turns and flips, people sometimes would puke when they got off. "Yeah. It's a petty nice job", I said with a smirk.

"Ahh!!!" Clair suddenly screamed. "Omg how could I forget to tell you!?!?" "What is it?", I ask. "Okay so you know how I work at the hotel Forever Ready and serve drinks at the indoor pool bar?" "Yeah" I said dragging it. "And you know how I wear the bikini as the uniform with the "Hi My Name Is" clip. "Uh huh". "Well I was getting this girl I cocktail and I saw them walk in.

"Who's them?",I said. I had a feeling that I knew who "them" was but I didn't think that they would be here.

"One Direction!!!" She screams." Apparently they checked in the day before because of the party they were throwing with a bunch of their friends. So they were wearing their swim trunks with sunglasses and they were walking towards the bar!" "Is that what you wanted to tell me?", I laugh with excitement. "Nope. So back to my story... When I was getting this girl a cocktail umbrella my right boob fell out of my bikini!" My mouth fell open as I imagined it.

"How could you forget to tell me this?!? Oh my god what did you do?!" "I didn't do anything I hoped that none of the members of one direction saw anything but I guess Harry did because he ran over to me and hid me so no one would see my boob!"

"You lucky son of a bitch!", I said with my eyes as wide as they could be. "Harry styles blocked everyone from seeing YOUR boob! That sounds like a miracle! What happened after?" "Well we looked at each other for what felt like hours and I said thanks to him.

(Flashback) Clair's P.O.V

"Wow thank you!", I said with a shaky breath. "No problem love", he said with his deep british accent and his cheeky smile. "Um can I get you anything?" "I will just have a bottle of water", he said. I went below the counter to fetch one. "Here you go", I said with a tiny smile. "Thanks", he said. He grabbed his wallet, took out a 20 and placed it on the counter. "Keep it", he said with a grin. He really did look hot that day, his hair pulled back in a bandana so his curls were showing and his sleeveless shirt. And with that he sat over with the rest of the boys.

(End of flashback)

"I don't know if he does this with every other girl but it seemed like he was interested in you". We continued to walk. "Psh", she said "Harry Styles would never like me", as she looked to the ground, "never in a million years".

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