This is my story on my life I'm 12 years old and I have a feeling that this will not be my last book my life is really crazy and I just want to share it with any one who is interested this has to be fiction though because I don't have permission to use these peoples names Enjoy the book


1. the big split up

My name is Marley Greenfeild and I swim ALOT and I swam really hard one day because I had found out that my parents were splitting up and I was really sad lets jump into the story

Coach will: Marley you are doing great today

Marley: thanks now can I have a harder set I want to be better

Coach will: okay do a 4 600s one flutter kicks 30 sec break

I got done and went home the next day my dad left I didn't get to see him for 2 days and then I had just stoped talking to every one it was bad I wanted to die

Mollie: hey Marley I know you are upset but you have to talk to me I'm you best friend

Marley: mhmmm

Mollie: don't give me that bull

Marley: u don't under stand he was my daddy and now my mom hates him and I don't know what to do I love them both

Mollie: I know you do and they love you too just they want to love you when they are apart

Marley: damn I hate when you get smart on me

Mollie : well go talk to them and call me later

Marley: okay bye

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