This is my story on my life I'm 12 years old and I have a feeling that this will not be my last book my life is really crazy and I just want to share it with any one who is interested this has to be fiction though because I don't have permission to use these peoples names Enjoy the book


2. 2

Dad: Marley get your ass out here

Marley: yes sir?

Dad: hold this while I go and get the screw driver

Marley: yes sir

He walked out he was putting up a new fan and his girlfriend that he had had for a year befor he left was on the couch I was a 10 year old who wasn't cared about

Summer: move your fat ass out the damn way of the tv

Marley: yes ma'am

Summer: don't sad talk me

Marley: I didn't summer

Summer: that's mrs summer luke you daughter is being rude

Marley: I can be rude if you would like

Summer: Luke get her

I laughed put the light bulb down and grabbed the house phone I called my mom and told her to come get me and she did

Skip till the drama

Okay things you should know my mom hates my dad he dumped summer and is with a nice girl named Tiffani and she has 4 kids miles is her youngest daughter 18 Toni is her other daughter who's 20 and Lilly who was 22 she had a 17 year old named mike miles had a kid who was named Bella and tony has a 3 year old named Katy that's what you should knew

So today Tiffani moved in with miles and Bella. Bella is 3 month old right now she sleeps in miles room and I sleep in mine

Miles: MARLEY?!?!

Marley: WHAT?!?!

Miles: BRING ME A BOTTLE!!!!!!


Miles: MOM!!!!!!!

Tiffani: I GOT IT

She walked passed my room and have me a stare I shut he'd and closed the door

Tiffani: can you please just help out I'm not going to be here all the time and miles needs help with Chloe

Marley: hold on Molly. If she can't take care of it she shouldn't have gone out and got fucked and got pregnate without a condom

Tiffani: just please it was a mistake but she owned up to it and has the kid to drag her down now

Marley: yea I guess I'll help

Tiffani: thank you

A/n I know that this book isn't good I'm much better at fan fix but this is really just my story about my life and it's hard to wright so don't hate

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