Liam's Girl

Liam's Girl:
Jessie and Liam have been best friends since birth. During One Directions winter break (2 1/2 months off) they are staying at Jessie's place. All but one of the guys have their eye on Jessie. But, Jessie has her eye on one... her best friend. But does he like her back?


1. Jessie and More

Jessie and More


          Jessie:  Jessica Marie Wilson but prefers to go by Jessie. Before she was born her mom and Liam's mom were best friends. Of course her and Liam are to.

Age: 19 will be 20 in a month

Best friend: Maddie and Liam

Hair: Wavy blonde hair goes to her mid back dyed hot pink underneath

Eyes: Bright blue

Height: 5'5

Personality: Girly girl but she never minds to go outside run around and get her outfit covered in mud.

Sport: Volleyball, Running, football (soccer) , Surfing, sometimes boxing with Liam.

Addiction: Bows and Starbucks

Lives: 5 bedroom house in Wolverhampton, England

Favorite color: Pink!


          Maddie: Madison Leigh-Rose Nelson. Prefers Maddie.

best friends: Liam and Jessie

Age: just turned 20

Hair: Natural orange hair goes to mid back (Irish)

Eyes: Light blue

Height: 5'4

Personality: Tom boy on a rare occasion SOMETIMES she'll be a girly girl

Sports: Softball, Running, Surfing, and football (soccer)

Addiction: Hot pockets and Starbucks

Lives: Next door to Jessie but 3 bedroom house

Favorite color: Green!


          You all know the boys so I don't need to do them.






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