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1. why me

"Dad please stop" I cried as my dad slapped for the fifth time today "bitch your my daughter I can do want I want with you" he said with an evil smirk I knew what he wanted to do to me don't go down with out a fight I nodded at my inner thoughts and smiled."What are you smiling about" he yelled "A bastard that thinks he is going to beat me tonight" I said fearlessly "what did you say" he glared a me "you heard me fat ass " I shouted he raised his hand to slap me but I grabbed a bottle and broke against the wall and pointed the sharp end towards him "two can play at this game asshole" I stated he fastly slapped the from my hand but I quickly kicked him across the face but he looked unfazed he grabbed my wrist "let go of me you asshole" I screamed "No your a little bitch and I going to give you what you deserve" he said I rubbed my wrist which were now bruised so fighting didn't work "what are you going to do to me "I said bravely "you have 10 seconds to get out of my house before I kill you now go" he yelled "please" I begged " 9" he yelled I ran out of the house no Idea where to go because I have never seen the world outside my house. I run down the road it is hard to see cosidering it is midnight I heard my dad's car start I ran faster I was now in a big town I was runing beside a long building my dad close behind so I stop you can't out run a car Cara .I ran towards the car and attemped to jump which caused me to roll over it but every thing was in slow motian I saw five boys about my age walking out of the long building so I scream now everything is normal speed I hit the pavement with a loud smack I hear my dad drive as fast as he can out of sight from th boys who are now all running over to me "oh my god Harry call the police"said the blonde one his eyes were so beatiful I then black out


"did you see that one girl with the 'please marry me harry' sign "I said as we walked down the hall from our concert we chose to walk through the back hall so fans wouldn't mob us as we try to walk to our car we open the door to see a car drive very fast past us we hear a scream as a girl hits the ground we then relised she just got hit by a car we run over to her "oh my god Harry call the police" I said she was staring into my eyes she was beatiful really she had dirty blonde hair and freckles she was wearing a skirt and a shirt that had many rips in it. she then closed her eyes and blacked out "wake up " I said " stay with me " but she was out cold "shit " I muttered just then the ambulance came and took her away "guys come with me to the hospital I wanna make sure she is okay" I said "someone has a crush " Louis said "shut up this is serious so are you coming or what "I said my irsh accent starting to become thick cause I was serious "yeah were coming " they said we drove to the hospital and followed her in we told the recepianist we knew her so she told us to wait in the waiting room I kept tapping my foot impatiently "calm down you don't even know the girl" Zayn said "yeah but I want to you know"I said "Niall,Louis,Harry ,Zayn,and Liam come with me "a nurse said I followed right behind her she showed us in to room 358 "thank you " I said as I sat down in a chair staring at the girl I did't even know wondering why I wanted to know she was okay I soon fell asleep.


I opened my eyes I was is a hospital with some boy standing by the bed stareing at me "Guys I think she is awake" he said he ,had curly brown hair ,then all of the sudden five guys are staring at me like they expect me to know them I sat up and said "who are you all " "does she have memory lose "they asked the doctor "no"I answered for him " my name is Cara swindford i'm 18 i do not have mermory lose but i do not know you all " they all looked quite puzzled by what i said "to not know who we are you'd had to been cooped up in a basement for three years" said a boy with bright blue eyes I sighed "18 to be exact my father was an asshole who locked me up in a basement and last night he decided to kill but thanks to you all I'm still alive and I thank you for that but I still do not know you " I said looking down my irsh accent stood out then the one with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes hugged me I sat awkwardly hands at my side looking down at him then up he eventually stopped hugging me "I'm Niall this is louis , Zayn ,Liam,and Harry "the blonde one said pointing every one out. "thanks for finally telling me names " I said "my pleasure lass " Niall said " maybe we could hang out sometime yeah?" "sure " I said awkwardly I had a phone but only cause I begged for one to play games on when I was younger "heres my number " Niall said handing me a peice of paper "me too" said louis handing me another piece paper "and I "Liam said "Here love "said harry "here you go "said Zayn as they all handed my their numbers I put them in to my phone. 15 minutes of talking went by then "shit" I said "what "they all asked " I just realized I have no where to go after I'm out of hospital cause I'm definitely not going back to my bitch dad" I started tearing up Niall came over and but his arm around me and calmed me "you can stay with me on my lot until you get back on your feet" he said it was getting obvious he had the hots for me he was cute though but i'm to emotionally unstable to have realtionships right now "thanks " I said hugging him I soon fell asleep on him and had nightmares of my dad beating me but the vision of him running me over just kept repeating make it stop.

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