Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


2. two

"Ladies & gentleman welcome to London" the announcer says. We finally landed thank god. I check my phone, it's 8:00am here, that early. "Candice wake up" I say, she yawns & stretches her arms, "yay finally ! It looks so beautiful out there" she says, "I know" we exit off the plane with all the girls & start walking "where is the limo parked?" A asks, (A=Adriana Candi or Can=Candice Alex=Alexandra Lil=Lilly & Lo for me Logan) "Charlie texted me, it's out front" Charlie is the head of all VS right now it was his plan to do all this, he is really nice & funny he is like our best friend guy haha. As we start walking through the airport a girl runs up to me, "hi are you.. Um.. Are you Logan Lawster?" She asks, i squat down to her size "yes & what's your name?" I ask, "I'm Gemma , Gemma Styles, I'm 14 years old & you are like my idol" I smile, then think about her name, Gemma , Gemma Styles, that is Harry's last name, one of the guy that used to bully me, he said he had a younger sister. No she can't be his sister that would be weird. "Oh thank you so much Gemma" she smiled, "can I have a picture please?" I smile & hand my phone to Candi, she takes the picture. "Thanks!" I smile, "wait ! Gemma it's on my phone what's your number?" She gives me her number & I send it to her, "text me if you need anything Gemma maybe we can spend a day together sometime" she squeals & runs off to her mom. "Sweet girl" I say, "yea" the girls agree. We get into the limo & it drives off, it's crazy, there is so much security two police motorcycles in front & behind our limo. Soon after we left we approach a large gate with the words, "CHERRYSTONE COURT" on it, must be our home. Charlie types a pin in on his phone & the gates open. We all gasp, it's beautiful all the houses are huge & gorgeous. We all get texts, "122334" "ladies this is the code to the court gate, don't share it & don't forget it" we nod "the first house is C & L's house, number 2400" we stop out front & Candice & I hop out, the men in moving clothes grabbed all our things & put them away in like 30 minutes it was really really fast! "Thanks!" We say as they leave. "Hey Lo check out this box" I walk into the kitchen, a small light pink VS box was sitting on the table, "open it Can" she opens it & it had two sets of keys, "Lo, there is one set of car keys with my name & one with your name" they were beautiful keys, white with our initials in real diamonds. "What type of cars?" I ask, "let's see" she says running out "TWO WHITE RANGE ROVERS WITH COSTUME LEATHER SEATS & COSTUM LICENSE PLATES" we screeched "oh my god I love it" I went to my car & looked it over, "my license plate says LawsterVS" I smile, "& mine says SwaneeVS" Candice smiles, "this is amazing" I say. "Let's go make some tea & watch a movie" Candice says "ok let's get out cozy clothes on" 


Candices POV

we ran upstairs to our rooms & searched through our clothes I picked out some light pink short silk shorts & a white tank top, Logan picked the same outfit but with light blue silk , we kept our hair down. I look just like Logan but with dark brown hair. That's why we are pretty much twins & we are the best of friends :) "what movie are we going to watch?" Logan asks , "how about We're The Millers?" I suggest, "omg yes I love that movie" she says. As we sit down she brings us tea. "Thanks Lo" she nodded. *beep* "oh it's Gemma" Logan says. "What did she say?" "She said, she saw us moving in across the street from her like an hour ago" "who ah she must live in the same court as us" "I know lemme call her" Logan dials the number & calls it

(G - Gemma L - Logan C- Candice, phone is on speaker)

G - Hello?

L - Hey Gemma it's me, Logan & Candice

C- hey Gemma

G- oh hey girls what's up?

L- I got your text, what is your house number we are coming over!"

G- awesome, this is so cool we live across the street, it's 2300 

C- ok we will be there soon bye Gem

G- bye ! 

"Let's go" I say, "are we going to wear these clothes?" She asks, "yea I mean it's probably just her & her like parents" I state, "ok let's go" Logan says. 




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