Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


7. seven

Nialls POV

this is my chance, truth or dare. Maybe I can dare her to kiss all of us or one of us or something, god she is so like able. 

Louis POV

ugh I just want to kiss her.

Logans POV

"ok I'm first" I say, "Liam, truth or dare" he looks up, "dare" I smirk, "I dare you to kiss Candice" Candice starts to blush "co'mere baby" Liam says, Candice walks over & sits on his lap, they kiss for like a minute, "ok enough, gross" Harry says, we all laugh. Candice moves off & sits to the other side of Liam. "Ok my turn" Liam says, "ok, miss Lawster truth or dare" what one should I choose, "truth" I say, "ok, who is or was Jordan?" He says, fuck how did he hear about Jordan "Logan?" Harry asks "I uhm , I have to go" I grabbed my phone & ran outside I passed my car & kept running, I was at the house, I opened the door & ran upstairs to my room, I took off my shoes & clothes & got in the shower, I washed my face & my body but left my hair up in a messy ponytail . I heard the front door open & a car pull up. Most likely Candice driving my car. I just ignored everything & started singing my favorite song 'What Now' by Rihanna. 


i sang , probably really loud but whatever. "Logan?" I heard a guys voice, I just kept singing & I ignored it, "LOGAN!" it was Liam , "please open the door babes" he knocked harder, "who else is here?" I yelled, "no just me I drove your car over here please open" he yelled back, "no!" I yelled, "that's it" I heard him murmur . Soon I heard the door open, he pulled back the curtains , grabbed a towel , turned off the water, wrapped me in the towel & picked me up & walked me to me room. "WHAT THE FUCK LIAM I WAS & STILL AM NAKED" I screamed at him. "I'm sorry Logan , & by the way your body is reallllly sexy & hot , & anyway anyway, you just ran out & I felt bad because I have a feeling this Jordan thing is bad & I'm sorry for asking about him" I looked down, "first, well since you've seen me naked.." I took off my towel & walked towards him, "Logan ? Wh..wheat..what are you..d-doing.?" He stuttered, "I'm having a little fun" I say walking towards him, I wrap my arms around his neck & he place his hand on my waist, "you look nervous babe, never seen a model naked in real life?" I say kissing his cheek, "n-no.." He gulps loudly, I grand his hands & place them on my bum & he squeezes it, "oi Liam" he wink "I like this Logan but we are like best friends" I stop to think, "it's ok" I throw him on the bed & crawl on top of him, "wow" he says, we make out for like 10 minutes, "you know , your boobs are perfectly round!" I giggle, "I know & they aren't fake" he chuckles, we make out longer then we hear the front door open, "shit out clothes on" Liam says , "hello ? Liam ? Logan?" It's Candice & the other boys, "Liam here" I throw him a remote "what's this?" "Just press the blue button" he pressed the button & Karaoke started on my flat screen tv, I pulled on some PJ's & we started doing karaoke, I started singing What Now cos if popped up & then they all walked in, "what's going on?" Candice asks, "well I wasn't feeling good & Liam decided to cheer me up so we put in karaoke" they all laugh & then they all stopped, "Logan...." Niall started, "sing the cores of that song again" Zayn says, "ok" I say & start to sing again, "stop there" Louis said, "what's wrong?" "LOGAN HOW CAN YOU NOT NOTICE?" Candice yelled, "WHAT?" "YOUR AN AMAZING SINGER" Liam says, "oh" I say , "not only are you an amazing model but you can sing very well too" Says Harry, "haha well, thanks" I blushed. 

"Ok everyone go home I'm tired" Candice says, "night guys" I say hugging & kissing the cheeks of each one of them.  


Auhtors note ;

hey ! Please comment & read & like :* love y'all 


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