Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


1. one


Hi , I'm Logan Lawster. I'm 20 years old & I'm from San Diego California. I would tell you my life story but who gives a fuck, It really takes way to long. Anyway long story short, throughout all my years of high school & collage I went to school with these 5 boys, Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis. (btw , in this story the boys are NOT famous...(;..) they bullied me for years, telling me I was worthless & all that, it sucks :( but I'm over it now, I'm positive I would never ever run into them again so I really have nothing to worry about , right? After I got out of collage the boys I think moved away to London , I started to fix myself up & @ 19 I was voted top model of Victoria's Secret. I'm highly proud of myself. Anyway, I have long is wavy light brown/blonde hair & brown eyes, my skin is an olive / tanish color & I'm 5'8". Ok, back to reality. 

"LO !" Ahhh Candice is here, she is a fellow model with me we do everything together, "CANDI" I run downstairs & hug her real tight, "what's up babes?" I ask, "nothing was just stopping by to tell you we need to get packing!" I look at her with a confused look. "Why?" "Cos we are moving" she smiles from ear to ear, "why are we moving Can?" "Well the directors of VS decided that we needed to move because the headquarters needs to expand to Europe & they are bringing the top 5 models with them, 1:you 2:me 3:Adriana 4:Alexandra 5:Lilly!!" "Wow oh my god this is amazing! Us & our 3 other closets friend moving to Europe!" I squeal & we do out happy dance, "where are we moving to exactly?" Candice checks her phone, "uhm , you & I have a house together & the other girls have separate houses" i nod "yea yea but where EXACTLY are we going to be living?" She checks it again, "uhm 2400 Cherrystone Court , London, England." My jaw dropped. The boys, they live in London, I wonder is they are still friends, do they live together? What if they live right near me? "What's wrong Logan?" I turn to Candice "Candice, I'm not sure I can go" she frowns, "why not? Logan Lawster, this is our destiny , Ms. Lawster & Ms. Swanee going to live in London because of their jobs as models!!! When does that happen?" "I know Candi I know trust me I want to go, but my bullies from high school & college live there & what if I run into them, I'm not sure I can do that" she comes over & hugs me, "don't worry honey we won't see them & if we do your way better than them! Don't worry we will be fine I promise" I smile. "Ok , let's get ready" she squeals & we pack. 

I spend about 2 hours getting everything I wanted, "Logan the moving truck & limo are here" I run down stairs, I'm wearing my white jeans , tan belt , tan wedges & my light yellow flows top. "You look amazing Candice" I say, she is wearing white jeans & tan wedges & tan belt & a blue flows top, "you too, we match, ok let's go we have a long flight to go on" we arrive at the airport we get out of the car & the people take our bags, I grab my purse "ok where is our flight?" I ask, "ok it's gate 20" we rush over to the gate , "Final call, Ms. Swanee & Ms. Lawster please come to gate 20 we are leaving soon, thank you" we run as fast as we can in heels, "hi I'm Logan Lawster & this is Candice Swanee" I say to the nice lady, "ok right through there & to the right" we walk in & there are seats are in first class. "It's so cool" I say, "I know, look there are the other girls" "hey Adriana , Lilly, Alexandra" "hey girlies" they all say & smile, "can't wait to go I heard that your houses are right next to me & Logans" Candice says "yea it's going to be amazing" Lilly says. We take our seats & buckle up, here we go. 


Authors note ;) 

hey guys , I'm Pilar , I started writing this like today & I'm excited I hope people read it ;) love you all ;) 

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