Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


11. eleven

Logan's POV

i turn the corner & look at the front door. my jaw drops. Baylee Slayer. I remember it like it was just yesterday . 


"alright next up, miss Logan Lawster" the announcer called, they music started & I walked down the runway. "Miss Lawster is modeling out new winter sexy line" the announcer lady says, "work it" A man yelled. I finished walking off stage . "Thank you Logan that was fabulous" Marnie (announcer) pats me on the back. I walk over & change into my normal clothes & check with the list. "Next Baylee Slayer" it says over the speaker. I watch as a stunning girl walks down the runway too. Tall, fair skin, brown eyes, blonde hair. She winks at me & then I walk to the list . "Now updated list is up all over thank you ladies" I check the list, "VS ANGELS" it says. 








no Baylee. I turned around & saw her crying, I walked over, "hey are you alright" I ask "no , you stole my spot I hate you Logan Lawster" she cried & slapped me. 


ill remember it forever, not only the day I got accepted to the angels & met my best friends & sis Candice, but the day I killed a girls dreams & got slapped by, Baylee. And now that exact girl is dating one of my friends. She turns & sees me, "oh . Hey" she says trying to be sweet, "hey Baylee" I say, everyone looks confused except for Candice. She says nothing. "Nice to see you again" she says coming over to hug me . "Oh wait, don't get too close, you might slap me again Slayer" I wink , she gives me 'the look' "WHOAH, Lo, why you have to hate on styles chick?" Zayn asks, "cos I beat her at the modeling casting & she slapped me cos I got in & not her" I snap. "Well then" Niall says. "Yea , you stole my spot!" She snaps, "did not! You just didn't make it ! I can't help it if I'm hotter than you" I say, "yea" "agree" "defiantly" "by far" "100%" I hear the boys & Candice say under their breath, luckily Harry didn't hear it , but Baylee did & got all teary "awwwww baby , just cos you get all teary doesn't mean we are going to care" Louis said, "why are you guys so mean to her?" Harry said. 

"Cos she slapped our baby & was a bitch to our other baby" Liam states. "Let's just relax & watch a movie" Harry says, "No I have a better idea" Baylee says, "a model off" she smirks, I look at Candice " alright babe, alright" I say, " ok all the boys sit on the couch & we will each do three walks, but, you vote honestly!" She says, "ok deal" Liam says, "Lego" Candice says. 

Let's do this . 



Fuck you Baylee Slayer ! 

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