Innocent fun (Larry Stylinson fan fic)


3. Louis' POV

(Thank you so much for the likes so far. And I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while, i promise to update soon after this,and also that there will be more action. Please comment on whether you like this or if you want more or less of something. Thank you very much,

-Imma kitty cat)

I gaze over at the curly afro that was in front of me, those intense emerald eyes studying the board so intensely as the young boy tries to find a way to figure out how to make himself win against me. But the only thing he didn’t understand was that he wouldn’t win. I knew this game better than ever. I was the master at this game. I don’t think he would ever be able to win this game form me. Even if he tried his very best. I still admired how he never gave up though. And I didn’t mind watching him making a fool of himself, the cute way he slapped the table when I had taken his queen away from him once again. And how every Saturday he would tell me that he would win next time. I loved how he never lost hope, how he just kept going.

I watched as he slowly reaches for his pawn. Then quickly takes his hand  away from it like it was a dead rat in a filthy alley way. His hand drifting over the wooden pieces as he tries to devise a plan to beat me. his eyes scattered over the board and his lip was firmly clamped in between his teeth as he concentrated. His teeth gnawing on his bottom lip. His limber finger gently pick up his knight and places it a square away.

“i got you know” he beamed as he sits back in his chair. The soft squeaking breaking the silence of the room as he crossed his arms over his chest. His face revealing an expression telling me how chuffed he was with this move. I scan the board and let out a soft chuckle as i shake my head.

“not even close” i state as i swiftly move my piece and take his queen. His jaw stops and he quickly jumps to the edge of the seat,

“, wait!” his emerald eyes go wide for a moment before turning into small splints. I laugh lightly and stand up.

“I win!” i sing triumphantly, dancing about in my spot as he huffs impatiently.

“ill get you one day Tomlinson.” he mutters under his breath as he watches me jump about happily.  

“I highly doubt that. Styles.”

Louis’ POV

I groan as i stretch my rested limbs. My arms reaching out over my head as the small slither of daylight shines from between the crevasse of the curtains.  I close my eyes again and tug the sheets over my head completely in an attempt  to block the light out and sneak in some extra rest before the day starts. I smile softly at the silence and slowly seem to drift off to a sound sleep before the lovely silence gets shattered by the spluttering of a person. I swiftly tug the sheets down to reveal a once sleeping Harry now wide awake and staring at me with his piercing eyes wide.

“what do you think your doing, killing your best mate!” he screeches, slapping my bare chest playfully. Harry and i shared a room when we were on tour. We didn’t make such a big fuss about rooms or beds like the others seemed to do. We knew everything about each other. So sharing a bed wasn’t a big problem for us.  Besides, this way we could talk and laugh to each other without having to cross the cold hall awkwardly and have the chance of running into another screaming girl or flashing paps, not really ideal when you were tired and grumpy from a long and hard days work. So sharing a room just seemed like the best and most logical idea for us.  Not that we were like two school girls, babbling all night long. It was just that we talked to each other if we had a problem or couldn’t sleep at night, so if we had a problem it was often that we would sit in bed and talk to each other until the problem was resolved or we just simply passed out.

“you cant blame me for attempting to get some extra sleep mate” i defend myself and lean against the head board behind me. yawning loudly as i once again stretch my body. Cracking my back and wriggling my toes as the covers uncovered them. Harry shuffles closer and lays his head on my bare chest.

“i have no problem with extra rest, as long as you don’t strangle me whilst doing so” he mumbles, you could hear by his voice that he was still tired. My eyes gazed down at him as my brow knits together. Why was he lying with his head on my chest.. i mean we weren’t in public, this wouldn’t count for the game. Would it? I bite my lip lightly as i watch him fall back into sleep. His soft breathing moving the rippling covers. His curls tickled my bare chest  as he moves his head in his sleep. I didn’t have the heart to wake him up and question him on why he was doing this. So instead sat there and allowed him to sleep. Watching as his eyelids flutter slightly. His thin lips curving into a smile. What could he possibly be dreaming about? I shake my head lightly and grab a pillow. I needed to get up. I slip the pillow under his head before slidding out of the bed and grabbing a few clothes. I stumble to the bathroom whilst rubbing the sleep out of my eyes with my curled fists. Turning the shower on and allowing the steam to fill the room. I needed some time to think to myself, and also a wash was pretty high up on my ‘to do list’.

I slip into the shower, not needing to strip from any clothes since both Harry and i didn’t sleep in clothes. We both found that they were to restricting. I didn’t like being so squished and the night was the only time i could be free. Since obviously i could just tear away my pants and boxers in the middle of the city without getting fans and paps surrounding me and who knows what happening.

I let the drops of water run down my back as i lean my arms againt the facing wall. My arms crossed over each other and my head tucked under them. Eyes closed as i let my mind flow. Many thoughts poped into my mind. Eleanor, concerts, interviews. And then Harry, and our kiss.. our kiss yesterday night. I couldn’t get it out of my mind yesterday night. The thought of his lips on my mind just seemed to send me into a frenzy of butterflies. I never had experienced them before, why didn’t i ever feel them with Eleanor. I loved her. I would do anything for her. But why didn’t i feel those millions of butterflies when we got intimate. And when i had a simple kiss with Harry i felt like my stomach was going to explode with feelings? It confused me, i didn’t understand, i was sure that i loved her. I do. I love Eleanor.   I nod slightly with the descicion i had made as i straighten my back and let the water run down my face. The image of Harry suddenly popped into my mind, his soft curls, his stunning eyes, is soft lips. I shake my head, no! Why couldn’t i stop thinking of the curly haired boy? This wasnmt any different from other things i had done for the game. I mean i had even once groped the boy and didn’t feel anything towards him. And now after one simple kiss i couldn’t get him out of his mind. I run my hands through my hair and clenchthem there. Tugging slightly as his sleeping body flashes before me.

“Stop” i whisper under my breath as an image of him staring into my eyes when we were about to kiss crosses my mind. He looked so innocwent, so vulnerable.

“get out” i grumble. Why was this happeneing to me. i didn’t have feeling for him. Not in this way. No we were jsut best friends. I loved Eleanor. this was nothing. i couldn’t possibly have more feeling for him. No that was impossible, i was in love with a beautiful young women, this was all just a small phase, nothing more. I mean it was just for the game.. wasn’t it?

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