Innocent fun (Larry Stylinson fan fic)


1. Louis POV

My Fingers caress the light stubbles on my chin as my eyes scoured the chess board, this was my chance, I knew I could win against this older boy who sat opposite me. watching my every move curiously. A small smirk plastered across his lips. He thought he was going to win this time, but there he was wrong. I was going to win against this older boy. Although I had been saying that ever since we had started playing this game, I knew one day I would win. I carefully pick up my rook and place him one of the pure white squares. I had him.

“check” I state with a triumphant smile smothering my lips. The older boys eyes wildly scramble over the board as he tries to figure out how that even happened, I hadn’t ever gotten so close to betting him, I wasn’t surprised that he was shocked. I watch the muscles in his face ease into a sly smirk as with one swift move he moves his pawn onto my queen and takes it.

“check mate” he states, crossing his arms over his muscular  as he leans back in the soft leather of the chair he was seated in. I gape at the board as my eyes glance over it. I thought I had him.. my eyes turn back to the older boy as he stands up and pats my shoulder as if to mock me,

“There’s always next Saturday” he says with a soft chuckle mixed into his beautiful voice. I stare up at him and roll my eyes,

“’I’ll get you one day. Tomlinson” the name slips off my tongue with ease, it sounded so nice as it rolled out of my mouth, the soft laughter of his filled into the ear and he turned back to the door,

“We’ll see about that, Styles” he says, wiping his head around to look at me over his shoulder, giving me a sly wink before exiting the room. I sigh softly and look back at the chess board, i would get him. One day.

Harry’s POV

“Larry Stylinson is not real, as we have said before it is a game” Louis gives the young girl that was interviewing us a small smile as she frowns and cocks her head to the side, looking at us bizarrely.

“Could you explain that more?” she asks sweetly, looking extremely confused. I could feel the constant burn of the cameras in my face, i never talked about ‘the game’. Louis was always more comfortable at this sort of thing, so i let him talk and i just nodded and went with it. It was the truth really, i just couldn’t talk about it, i didn’t really know why. My throat just got a lump in it, like when you chew meat for to long and your unable to swallow it, when someone asks you what’s wrong you cant answer because for one, its awkward and embaressing, and two the dry peice of meat wont let your voice past. That’s similar to the feeling i receive.

“Well ‘the game’ was made for the fans that ship ‘Larry Stylinson’. Basicly we love him too, but neither of us are gay or bi for that matter, so we deviced the game. Which is to see who could go the furthest into ‘Larry’.”  He concludes. As best mates we didn’t really mind, it was just a bit of innocent fun. 

The young girl nods suspiciously at us but moves onto a different topic. Neither of us were gay. We were both straight as a plank, i mean Louis had a girlfriend and i most deifintly enjoyed a womens company more than men, as for a relationship that went. It was just a bunch of carless fun, it meant nothing.  

The interview soon concluded after that and as always we were rushed onto a bus and over to a stadium where we were to perform that night. I glanced over the guys as they talk amongst each other, all of them were so bubbly and ful of excitement. my eyes soon land on the older boy sitting next to me, his vibrant eyes already staring back at me, he gives me a playful nudge with his elbow and smiles,

“Hyped up already?” he hums as he looks up at me, although he was older than me I was still taller and towered over him. I chuckle softly and nod as I peer out of the bus to the stadium that we were nearing. It was humongous, don’t get me wrong. We had played in stadiums that were as big as this before. But it always tormented me, ‘what if I sing badly’ or ‘what if they don’t like the show’. It was all very daunting that so many screaming people where there in that stadium. And they were all there to see us. Us. This small band. My mind ticked as I thought it through, how could this little band have so many fans. I didn’t really understand, but I loved the fans for this, they made us. It was all them. And I was completely grateful for that. Without them we were nothing. I turned back to Louis, who was still awaiting his answer,

“Its huge” I mumble my voice coming out as a whisper, nearly as if I was only mouthing the words and no sound escaping from my mouth. Louis seemed to understand and pats my shoulder.

“it always is mate, don’t worry.. i know you can do it” he gives me an encouraging squeeze in the shoulder before climbing out of the now still standing van. A small smile covered my lips as i watch him, he was my best friend. He was always there to make me feel at ease, i loved him for that. He was the person i could lean on, we told each other everything, he knew every in and out of me, the big and the small secrets. He knew more than i knew about me. and i of him. I follow his steps as we all walk to the dressing room, covered by an abudance of security. i listen to the fading sound of the fans screams as we enter the building, it wouldn’t be long until i would hear that again..

I watch as Niall thanks the fans for coming to see us, the screams increasing and echoing off the walls. I was surprised that I hadn’t had damage to my ears by now from all the screaming of the girls and guy that were spotted around in the crowd. But I did truly love it..

“Thank you so much for coming, you have no idea how much this means to us, you guys made us. Its because of you that we are here today and thats why you guys are the best fans in the world.” He states, turning around to face as “Isnt it, lads” He asks us as he cocks an eyebrow, the screams becoming louder,

“Of course it is! I wish i could kiss every single one of you as a thank you” i confirm. The screams becoming unbearable. I  laugh lightly and look at Zayn as he looks at a fan,

“What was that doll?” he asks the fan as we stare at him in fascination,

“Its your birthday?” he asks. She screams a yes and Louis gasps dramaticly.

“Lets sing happy birthday, i think that’s a good idea. What about you?” he asks the crowd. The crowd roars in as an answer and I look at the girl,

“What’s your name?”  Ask her, it was Jesse. We burst into a flurry of singing dramatically, the crowd joining in. Once the Opera show of ‘Happy birthday’ had finished Liam walks closer to the girl,

“is there something special you would like us to do as a present?” he asks, the girls giggle nervously and whispers something into Liam’s ear, causing him to burst into a fit of laughter. We all look suspiciously at Liam as he wipes a tear form his eye, looking at us.  

“What is it?” Niall asks impatiently. Liam only chuckles and walks back onto the stage.

“Well it seems that she’s a fan of Larry Stylinson” with that the crowd already bursts into screams and whistling. I look at Louis and pull a face; he sticks his tongue at me and wraps an arm around my shoulder,

“Proceed” he says in a teacher like voice. Liam smirks at us and then turns back at the girl,

“For her birthday wish she would like you two to kiss” he states. The blood leaks out of my face as I go pale. Looking at Liam then Louis, who simply shrugged and turned to face me. I go wide eyed and stare at him, i wasn’t expecting this, i was expecting something silly like ‘pretend to lay an egg’ or something along those lines, not a kiss..

“Louis...” I whisper into the mic, he places his finger over my lips “Shh” he whispers back. The crowd bursts into laughter and I blush lightly at him, rolling my eyes as he cups my cheeks to make the scene slightly more romantic romantic looking, Niall starts a chant of ‘Kiss!’ and the whole crowd carries it on. I glance at the crowd before they seem to fade out, I focus on Louis as I feel him lean in close, his lips pressing to my lips, and they were so soft and luscious. I don’t kiss back at first, but eventually my lips melt into his way. I couldn’t help it, it felt so nice and the butterflies in my stomach didn’t seem to help either with holding me back. All too soon he pulls away from me and the crowd seems to go crazy at that point. I look around and laugh lightly as Louis winks at me, a smirk formed over his lips. I knew he had won that round; he was the one that had kissed me first. But I couldn’t help but think back to the kiss, it felt so perfect. So real, so...right. 


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