Innocent fun (Larry Stylinson fan fic)


6. Harry's POV


I sit quietly at the chess board waiting for the older boy to arrive. It had already been half an hour and he hadn’t shown up yet. He was usually never late for a chess game. I hear the door creak open and he walks in slowly. He walked to his seat, but didn’t sit down. Instead he leaned on his chair with his elbows and didn’t meet my gaze as i look at him curiously. “I don’t want to play anymore” he states before walking away out of my site, leaving me there without being able to say another word about it  

Harry’s POV.

“Liam can i talk to you?” i ask quietly. He was still attempting to get pink icing chewed up with raspberry jam and dough off his shirt. I guess he heard the urgency in my voice and nodded lightly. Tilting his head towards his room to signal that we could talk in there. Zayn was already done with bandaging my aching hand, so i followed Liam into his neat room. It looked like the exact opposite of the room i shared with Louis, which was littered with clothes and bits and bobs all across the floor. Not to even beginning on the bathroom.

“What’s up?” Liam asks as he sits down on his chair, opposite the bed. I awkwardly walk to the bed and sit down. Playing with the end of the bandage as i don’t look up to meet his gaze. This sort of thing was hard to talk about. I wasn’t one for talking in the first place, unless of course it was with Louis. I felt comfortable around, more comfortable than with Liam for instance. But that was because we had such a good bond, because our relationship was strong, he knew everything about me, inside and out. And i the same with him. Because he was the one i loved..I just had to say it. There was no other way to say it i guess..

“ IthinkI’minlovewithLouis” i blurt out. My cheeks burning up immediately as i keep my gaze firmly plastered on the bandage in between my fingers.             

“Whoa mate, slow down.” Liam chuckles quietly as i sigh. I didnt want to say it again, but i guess i started this, i had to finish it too.

“I-i uh..think im i-in love w-with Lo-Louis” i stutter, the crimson on my cheeks staining even deeper into my cheeks now Liam could actually hear what i was saying. Liam stays silent as he stares at me for a moment, unsure of what to say before he finally begins to talk.

“that’s perfectly okay.” He smiles lightly and looks at me. i look at him slowly, my lip clamped in between my teeth firmly,

“i-it is?” i question as he nods lightly. A soft comforting smile upon his lips as he looks at me.

“Of course it is, what should it matter what sex you like, your still you. The loveable Harry that every fan adores. It shouldn’t matter what others think, if you feel that way about somebody then you should explore that.” He gets up and seats himself down beside me. rubbing my arm lightly. I sigh quietly. Liam always knew how to make the situation seem much better. He was more of a brother to me than any other. He was always there for me, weather he was concerned or happy for me. he was there to talk and just have fun with.

“That’s the thing.. i don’t know if he wants to explore” i mumble quietly as my gaze returns to my bandaged hand. Liam nods quietly.

“Well there’s only one way to find out” he smiles at me and pats my shoulder. “Be brave. I know you Harry, and i’m sure that you can make anybody fall for you.” He states. I laugh lightly at his words.

“i wish..” i whisper as i stand up and dust my lap lightly. I guess he was right. I just had to go for it. Spit it out. Tell the world. I shouldn’t be ashamed of who i am.

“Thanks mate” i mumble. Quietly exciting the room as he mumbles a ‘your welcome’ and sends me another smile. I slowly make my way to my room that i shared with my crush. How should i tell him? I mean its not every day you tell someone that you love them. I stand outside the door and hype myself up slightly. Just spit it out Harry, you can do this. You did it with Liam, you just have to walk in there and spit it out. I nod to myself and finally get enough courage to walk into the room after standing outside the door for a good twenty minutes.

“I love you Louis!” i say as i walk into the room, my eyes firmly shut as i stand in the door way. I slowly open one eye after i hear no reaction, only to find out that Louis had already left to go on his date. My heart drops and i sigh loudly as i fall onto the bed in defeat. I don’t know what to do now. I have to wait until Louis gets back to pass the time so I could do it all over again. I groan at the thought of having to go through that process all over again. I close my eyes for a moment; I guess I could do a twit cam? I clamber up from the bed and grab my laptop. Quickly spreading the word that I was about to do a twit cam, I wanted to have a little fun with this twit cam, something that would cheer me up slightly and possibly give me some motivation to do it all over again. So i told the fans to send me a few of their secrets. But of course only ones that they wouldn’t be ashamed of being read out for the world to hear. Once everything was setup i start up.  

“hello!” i say cheerfully and wave to the camera, “Alright, lets get started” i chuckle and start scrolling through the comments. Most of them were silly secrets like ‘i love you’. I start reading out a few,

“@crazygrandma out a few,

like through thecomments. most  to send me a fewof there secrets. but to go through that prosess all osays that she loves cats” i read out the comment and then look at the camera and chuckle,

“well don’t worry love, i love cats too.” I give the camera a wink and go back to reading the comments, a lot of fans saying ‘you can have my cat’ or similar things. I laugh lightly and then come across one.

“@sexymama says that she loves another girl” i bite my lip, this was my chance. I look up at the camera and try to look confident. Taking a deep breath,

“well  hey, that’s okay. We shouldn’t be judged on what sex we like.. I think i like guys. So don’t worry about it” i smile and shrug casually. I read out a few other comments before the comments about ‘what guy?’ got too much, telling the fans i had to go and shutting the computer down. Closing my eyes and sinking into the sheets. Was that the right thing to do? I sure hope so. i suddenly jolt up when i hear someone barge through the door.


“What the fuck Harry!” i hear a familiar voice scream through the room and echo off the walls. I go wide eyed when i see Louis standing there, he literally looked like he could throttle someone right now. Or possibly steam would come out of his ears like in those Disney cartoon, i wasn’t sure what was wrong, but he still looked amazing when he was angry, that was for sure.

“w-what?” i ask nervously, going through the things i could possibly have done wrong, did i prank him and forget about it? No i would never forget that. And besides he never got this angry about a simple prank. Was it my turn to do the washing? I knew he didn’t particularly like to wear his boxers too long.. but once again he didn’t get that angry about that.

“you’re going around telling the whole world that your gay before telling your best mate?” he yells. Bingo, there’s what i did wrong, but of course i couldn’t have told him yet, i mean he was my crush. It’s different.

“i thought we told each other everything! But i guess not! I considered us best of friends” he yells in my face, his face now red with anger as and his fists firmly clenched.

“W-we ar-are!” i stutter. I always got nervous when someone was in my face yelling at me. and having my best mate and also my crush yelling at me was even more nerve wrecking,  i cowered away slightly and whimpered, “It’s just complicated” i mumble under my breath. I hear Louis chuckle lightly and look at me

“oh yes, of course. Why didn’t i think about that?.”  he mumbles, his voice dripped with sarcasm as he looks up at the sky and holds his hands up. “You know what. Fuck you, i hate you. I thought that if you were going to tell something like this you would tell me first. I thought we trusted each other. I thought we were best friends! But i guess i had that completely wrong ae? I guess that this was all fake” i crawl over and reach out, placing my hand on his shoulder and opening my mouth, about to say something. I wanted to comfort him, tell him the truth.  

“No Harry. I don’t want to hear it!” he cuts me off and slaps my hand away quickly. “was this fake friendship all an excuse to get close to me?” he barks as i blush and shake my head quickly, to afraid to open my mouth and mess this all up again. He raises an eyebrow.

“you know, all this time the media has always said that i’m the gay one. i always get the hate, i always get in the spotlight because i make the moves in our little game and you get nothing, you get the girls and the rest of the media just falling over there own feet because their all so deeply inlove with you while their messing up my relationship with this bull shit! I guess youve really shown the world haven’t you.” He shakes his head. Looking at a picture of us on my night stand beside the bed. He grabs it and smashes it to the ground. Glaring at me.

“i don’t want to play our game anymore!” he mumbles and swiftly turns around on his heels. Slamming the door shut as he exits the room. I stare at the door in shook and crawl back against the head board, wrapping my arms around my legs as i curl up slightly.  This was all my fault.. i had done this, and now i have driven away my crush, my true love..

(Hi guys, thank you so much for reading! What do you guys think? Im sorry it took so long! Please spread the word about this story and comment on what you think. Thank you so much!

-Imma kitty cat)




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