The roller-coaster of life.

Hi,Im Lily and well I haven't really had a great life? I have brown wavy hair with blonde streaks&blue eyes,im short&well just ready the story?


1. The beginning.

      I lay on my bed engulfed by the pillows thinking too myself 'what's the point in life?', it was like a song on repeat,going round and round in my head. I heard my Daisy,my mum scream my name from across the hall, I scurried too her. I walked into her room where she was sat on the edge of her bed, mascara running down her pale ghost like face. "Lily?" she whispered softly too me as I wiped the tears from her cheeks "you'll never leave me will you princess,you know I love you right?" I grabbed hold of my mums hand where she had bruises up her arm as I stood up I said "I love you too mum".

I left the room and walked down stairs mumbling too myself "how could he?",I dragged myself into the kitchen...the floor was covered by pieces of glass shattered into millions of fragments to be honest,I was terrified. I placed myself onto a stool wondering how this could of happened. The front door slammed I jumped up and marched into the hall to see my dads face pure red as he hung his and my younger sister Anna's coat up. I held out my arms whilst kneeling so Anna could run into them, we both went over too the living room and sat in silence. My dad stomping up the wooden stairs it was like he was trying to cause an earthquake. I covered Anna's ears, I knew something bad was going to happen I heard my mother scream for help, I stumbled up sprinting too the top of the stairs and into my mums room where my dad slammed his fist straight into my mums stomach. I couldnt stand watching this anymore I had been witnessing my mother get well beat up for 17 years, I dashed too her pulling her away he gripped my arm his nails dug into my skin I yelped, this wasnt the first time I attemped too defend my mum and I got hurt for it, but fuck it I thought too myself I shoved him away from us and whispered to her "take Anna and go too nan's, I'll be there I promise...I love you".


Daisy's P.O.V:

Hearing the last 3 words my own daughter said too me, made my heart flutter, until the thuds from upstairs got closer I grabbed Anna's hand pulling her out the door I picked her up and ran too the pieces of shit that's called a 'car'. I whispered too myself silently "why is Lily in the house,I need too go back". Once I reached my mothers house I felt a sense of security maybe it was because I was home, maybe it was because I was with my family. I and Donna,my mother had a deep emotional conversation about my life and what I'm gonna do about Ronnie(my husband),you see everything was great between me and him at first,we were happy,until he found out I was pregnant, at the end stages of my pregnancy he started drinking and taking drugs. When Lily was born he left for 3months,this was another conversation I had with my mum. I waited for Lily to arrive.


Lily's P.O.V:

When my mum left the house I ran,I ran until I got to the woods. I knew no-one would be there,I just burst out in tears...I heard footsteps but I didnt care,I seen a figure perch themselfs beside me,I looked up and met emerald green eyes. I sat there memories by his perfect jawline, amazing eyes and his hair, well no words could describe that. I realised I was staring at him for way too long, "h-hi" I stuttered, he grabbed my hand looked into my eyes and whispered "whats wrong",a million thoughts when through my mind at that moment.'Should I trust him,I dont even know him'. "Im sorry,myname is erm.. Harry" he said faintly just loud enough so I could here him "Lily,Im Lily" he gave me a quick smile before looking away.


Harrys P.O.V:

I smiled at Lily, she was beautiful, even when she cried...I'm sure I seem like a 'perv' too her randomly talking too her in the middle of the woods,I was still holding her hand she didnt move an inch, she slowly looked up to me and said with her soft heaven like voice "my family,I just need help" another tear drop pulled itself down her cheek. I cupped her face with my hands while wiping away the tears with my thumbs, she smiled a little she grabbed my hand so I tucked her hair behind her ear and I kissed her forehead, she stared too blush a little. "Do you wanna come and have coffee with me", I said in her ear "I'd love that" she said whilst her mouth was slowly curving into a smile. I stood and she followed me to my car.

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