The roller-coaster of life.

Hi,Im Lily and well I haven't really had a great life? I have brown wavy hair with blonde streaks&blue eyes,im short&well just ready the story?


4. Morning trip.

Lilys POV

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping lightly,I rarely ever heard this sound in the morning. I yanked my phone off the table next to me,I didnt bother checking the time so I dialled his number. 

After several rings Harry answered in a raspy morning voice,my god,he sounded super hot,"Hello?,who is this" I ignored the question for a couple of seconds admiring his voice,until I spoke up and said "Hey its Lily" there were a few seconds of silence,he spoke up and asked in that super hot voice "Whats wrong,why you calling me at 6am?" "my god,I didnt realise sorry,I was gonna say can I come to yours but never mind" He answered rapidly "Its fine,want me to pick you up" I nodded forgetting he couldnt see me "ye,sure see you soon" I whispered lightly,I hung up and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a tanktop,put them on and wrote a little note for my parents to see when they woke up,

I've went to the gym,I'll be home later -Love L x

Obviously I had to lie? If my dad found out I was with a boy god knows what would happen to me.

I took my house keys and waited on my door step for him a couple of minutes later he arrived and swung the car door open for me. What a gent.

 Harrys POV

I rushed there, I wanted to see her. I had a dream about her gorgeous blue eyes and her lipstick covered lips. She wasnt just a smash then pass girl. Shes the one you'd want to wake up to every morning,the type thats all broken on the inside and out. I sprinted to open the car door as I'd already reached my pickup point. She was shivering. I gave her my jack willis jumper that was in the boot of the car. It was a silent car ride back to my place,when we got in I pulled her up to my room and pushed her into my bed and she grinned blushing slightly I slept naked but guess that'd be awkward so I just got in bed with my boxers, as soon as I positioned my self comfortably I pulled her by her waist and kissed her forehead "iloveyou" were the last words she mumbled before she drifted of in my arms I didnt know what to say,think,do? I lay there staring at her perfect features,the aroma she let of was hypnotising. Pepper mint breath and strawberry smelling hair were the best combination to ever exsist. Before I knew it I felt my eye lids getting heavy until I fell into a sleep laying right next to the right person at the right time...






I did about 3chapters but they wouldnt save and now its midnight,so ye only did a smallish chapter.

really sorry thanks for reading,any suggestions then please let me know,it'd really help

-the boys are coming into it soon tho:)

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