The Scorpio {A 1D fanfic}


Determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, exciting, and magnetic •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive, and obstinate


1. Chapter 1


Candy- wanna go out tonight?

Jordyn- sure when and where

Candy- meet me @ my place and we can figure it out k?

Jordyn- see you soon!


Jordyns POV

I went into the bathroom to get ready to go out with my bestfriend, Candy. I hopped into the shower for a good ten minutes. When I got out I brushed my short dirty blonde hair back and secured it with a flower crown. I swiped some mascara over my long eyelashes and put on some red lipstick. I went to my room and rummaged through my closet for something to wear. I decided on a red dress just above the knee with a red belt around it. I put on some rib tights, Pryce black boots, a sleeve wrap around scarf, and grabbed my brown double buckle satchel. I headed downstairs. "Later mom!" I called out "bye Jordyn be home by 12:30!" And with that I was out the door. Candy only lived a block away so it wouldn't be a long walk.

I had made it to Candy's house and we were in her room talking about where we wanted to go. "How about that new skating rink that just opened up?" Candy suggested "Nah, you know how much of a freakin clutz I am," I laughed "True that!" Candy said, I threw a pillow at her face. " Dont mess up my makeup!" She half screamed half laughed. "Let's go to the carnival, I bet there's some cute boys our age there" Candy said. I shrugged "Come on you know you wanna!" "Ok ok,"I gave in. "The carnival it is, even though every boy there is either taken, gay, or five years old!" I exclaimed while laughing. "Oh my gosh im sure there's some stright, single, good-looking, 17 year old, eleventh grade boys there!" Candy laughed. I just smiled and rolled my eyes.

If I that was true I was going to have fun tonight thats for sure. After all, scorpios are very exciting, fun, and most of all....magnetic.


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