Liam Payne has been crushing on a girl in his class named Violet. After a few years he decides to speak to her.


1. Chapter 1

Liam's POV

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* I open my eyes slowly as I turn my head towards the sound. I reach my hand from under my duvet and hit my alarm clock with enough force for it to turn of. I put my hand back under the duvet and pull it up to my ear for a couple more seconds until I realise that I'm thinking of Violet again.

After a couple of minutes I decide to check my phone. I scroll through every social media I could think of, Instagram being the last one. I refresh the feed and start scrolling one more final time until I saw a picture of Violet. At that point I locked my phone and got out of bed.

I walked over to my wardrobe to pick out my clothes before going into the bathroom to have a shower. I leave my room with my clothes in my hand and Violet in my head. I climb into the shower slowly and carefully not wanting to slip. I lean my head on the wall in front frustrated. I need to stop thinking about Violet.

After a couple minutes I finally finished and got ready. Violet still on my mind. It was beginning to get frustrating and annoying. There was nothing I could do about it anymore. I tried everything to get her out of my head. Nothing works.

I walk back into my room. Grab my phone and my bag and walk back out. I jog down the stairs and walk into the kitchen to grab an apple. I spin back around and see my mum standing there in her dressing gown. As I walk past her towards the door I kiss her on the cheek "Bye mum, have a nice day!" I lock the door behind me and walk towards the bus stop.

Once I reach the bus stop I pull my phone out of my pocket and scroll through social media again. If I said I wasn't addicted I would be lying. I glance up and notice my bus coming around the corner. I lock my phone and put it away at the same time pulling my bus pass out.

I struggle up the few steep steps on the bus as I show the driver my buss pass. I look around and I notice Violet. Next to her the only free seat. I sigh and walk over. I reach the seat, throw her a quick smile and sit down.

Its so difficult to not stare at her. She's sat right next to me. I should say something. No, no you shouldn't, we all know what you're like when you're nervous. You ended up getting rejected like 20 times. Just leave it. You don't need her.

Finally the bus pulls up at the school and I'm the first one out of my seat and headed for the door. The bus was in a traffic jam for so long that we arrived exactly on the bell.

I stroll to my first lesson. Alone. As always. I look at my phone for a couple of moments to check the time. When I look up I notice Violet and her friend in front of me. I sigh again starting to slow down before I end up hearing their conversation.

"Sometimes I wonder if I have met the one I will marry. If he goes to our school or not... But I doubt it, no one in our year is good looking nor do they have a good personality" I heard Violet almost whispering to her friend. This was exactly what I did not want to hear. I slow down, not wanting to hear anymore as tears fill my eyes.

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