My First Love(Harry styles Fanfic

A Romantic And Funny Fanfiction story.


1. The First Day At School

"Hunny, Your Going To Be Late! Mom Yelled From Downstairs. "I'm Going I'm Going Jeez I Called Back To Her"Ok Hurry get In The Car ,Mom said ' We Then Drove To This Creep Zone That's Called 'School' More Like Prison if You Ask Me. "ok Hunny Hurry To Class My Mom Said Quickly Driving Off. well here We go, I Mumbled Quietly i Then Walked To Class And On The Way There i ran Into This Guy With A Head Of Curls And Piercing Green Eyes. "Sorry I Said Quickly running To Class. Harry's Pov Wow What A Girl She was Those Beautiful Carmel Eyes Take My Breath Away I Have To Tell Zayn, Louis,Liam And Niall About Her.
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