Harry Potter and what happened after

this is what happened after Harry Golden-Boy-Who-Wouldn't-Die-And-Destroyed-The-Darkest-Lord-In-Centuries Potter does indeed destroy the dark lord? What will he do with his life?
Read to find out!


7. They'll help me, Right?

Harry's POV

I walked to the Griffindor commonroom completely dazed. I was lost in thought when I bumped into someone. I looked up to see who it was and I saw a slightly irritated Draco Malfoy. "Great, what do you want Potter?" he sneered. "Nothing Draco", I didn't even realise I called him by his first name. He noticed. "Wha-" I looked at his confused face "Wha- Do you realise you called me 'Draco'?" "ehm... Yeaah, so what? thats your name right?" I didn't see the point he was making, so I walked away. 

I muttered the password to the Fat lady and she swung her portrait open. I called out in my most bossy voice:"All DA members, Will you come with me? Kreacher!" I shouted. The cranky elf appeared next to me with a loud POP." What can Kreacher do for Master Harry Potter?" "Please go to the Ravenclaw and Huffelpuff commonrooms and collect whoever was in the DA and tell them to go the the ROR, Kreacher. Tell them you come from me" "Yes Master Harry Potter, what else can I do for you?" If you please, Kreacher, AFTER you have told the old DA members to meet up in the ROR, search for Draco Malfoy as well and give him this note" I said politely, while waving my wand and summoning a quill and a piece of parchment. I quickly scribbled the message and signed it. "Give him this note and escort him to the ROR as well but make sure he doesn´t enter. I´ll let him in when I feel  the time is right. that´s everything Kreacher, You may go now." " Yes, Master Harry" the elf replied and disappeared with a loud POP. 

I walked to the ROR with a gang of DA members following me. I guess they were slightly confused by what was going on. 

We arrived at the ROR ( it was still there even after the FiendFyre) I walked past it three times and the familiar sound of the door appearing was being heard. I walked in and saw exactly what I had had in mind. A kingsize classroom with a practical part in the back. "Take a seat everyone! You can sit everywhere you like except the first middle row, that is to be saved for someone very important. We have to wait for the Ravenclaws and Huffelpuffs to start. They're ought to be here in a few, in the mean time, chatter along." They did as said.  A knock on the door made everyone fall silent. I went to open the door and let in a group of confused Ravenclaws and Huffelpuffs. They went to sit in the empty spaces. There was still one space free.... " The waiting is now for the infamous Draco Malfoy."  The entire class fell dead silent. Until Hermione said quietly: " But, But why Harry?" "He is here for the same reasons as all of you are, you'll see" 

Then there was a light knock on the door. I opened the door and there he was, I motioned for him to go in and take a seat in the front desk that I had saved for him. "Thanks Kreacher, you can go now"  I told the elf. I closed the door carefully and tapped it with my wand. The door shrunk, shrunk, shrunk until it was completely gone.  " Everyone, I'm sure you all are wondering what you are doing here and why the ROR is a classroom. They all looked at me with confused looks on their faces....

I guess I had to break the news to them now. This should be fun....


A/N heeeey guys, I'm sorry I haven't uploaded anything lately, I was too busy with schoolwork and trying to keep up with all the assignments that we're getting at the moment. Soo... but you just read another one masterpieces :)  leave a comment behind if you liked it and I'll write as soon as possible


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