Harry Potter and what happened after

this is what happened after Harry Golden-Boy-Who-Wouldn't-Die-And-Destroyed-The-Darkest-Lord-In-Centuries Potter does indeed destroy the dark lord? What will he do with his life?
Read to find out!


8. The final decision is made

Hermione's POV

"Everyone, I'm sure you are all wondering what you are doing here and why the ROR is a classroom." Harry told us in a serious tone. "I want to ask you some questions and I have to ask you to answer them truthfully. If you lie about it then you wont help me, so please be honest with me." "First question" he announced "Did you think I was a good teacher in the time we had the DA?" He asked. I rose my hand. "Yes, I think we would all agree that you have thaught us most defensive magic that we know, besides Lupin. But then again, you were only a fifth year at the time so you couldn't know more than you told us." I told him honestly. All members of the DA nodded, Draco kept still as he didn't know what Harry thaugt us. Harry smiled at this and continued: "Thanks 'Mione. Second question, Would you like me to teach you again? Or in Draco's case: would you like me to teach you?" At this I noticed that he sounded nervous, no one would probably notice but as his best friend I noticed right away. There was a loud murmuring of "Yes""Of course" and  "Sure". Harry smiled and looked at Draco. "Draco, If I were to teach you, would you respect me and pay attention in my lessons?" Draco hesitated, thought for a while and then replied "If your lessons were any good and kinda fun, I ehmm, I guess so. "Good,"  Harry told the room "then now is the time to tell you a story." he sat down on his desk and started to talk. "This morning at breakfast professor McGonagall came to me and she asked me to follow her to her office. I did so and we talked for a while. She talked to me about teaching positions that still have to be filled before a new year could start. She asked me to teach Defense. As I walked back to the Griffindor tower I bumped into Draco here and got an incredible idea. I wanted to gather you all, here in the ROR to help me decide wether I should do it or not. So here we are now" He finished the story. 

Harry's POV

everyone was silent, then Luna spoke, in her dreamy voice, "You realise that we all want you to teach us defense, so that we would convince you to do it eventually." She was right. the only bad response i could possibly get was from Draco and even he had, although hesitantly, said he would respect him as a teacher. "Alright guys! I'll do it, you convinced me, even though that wasn't a surprise. I'll go tell McGonagall tomorrow." 

they all cheered for me, even Draco smiled, and if you listened very carefully you could hear him mutter "Finally, a decent defence teacher that knows the subject."



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