Harry Potter and what happened after

this is what happened after Harry Golden-Boy-Who-Wouldn't-Die-And-Destroyed-The-Darkest-Lord-In-Centuries Potter does indeed destroy the dark lord? What will he do with his life?
Read to find out!


1. It is all over now

Harry's POV

I walked through the great hall, past all the bodies that lied there, lifeless, just being dead. I saw everyone crying over someone they had lost. I couldn't bear it, it was too cruel to be true. I felt like it was all my fault, if I had just understood Dumbledores clues earlier, if I had just ended it sooner. I felt like I could have prevented it all and saved the people that are now gone forever. Someone walked up to me, a girl, definately, but I couldn't put my finger on who it was exactly( she had a hood on so i couldn't see her face or hair). The girl took of the hood and I recognised Ginny's flashing red ponytail. She sat down next to me and wiped away the tears that were flowing down my cheeks, I didn't even realise I  was crying. "It isn't your fault that they are dead Harry, please, don't be so hard on yourself. They all knew what they were doing and they wanted to fight.Harry, they didn't fight for you, they fought for freedom and what they thought was right. Please Harry, don't blame yourself, it isn't your fault." she said to me. But how much I wanted to believe her, how hard I tried, I couldn't help feeling that it was, at least partially, my fault. She saw I didn't believe her and I still blamed myself, she always saw right through me. "Now go to bed and sleep, you're tired." 

I nodded and went to the Griffindor Tower. The fat lady recognised me and let me through without even asking for a password. I walked to the dormitory I used to sleep in and I crashed in the first bed I saw, not caring if it was mine or someone else's. Ginny was right, I was tired. Ginny was always right about me, and that was one of the things I absolutely adored about her.

I fell asleep in less than a minute, with Ginny on my mind.




I'm sorry guys, I know that was rubbish but I didn't really know what to write. I just felt like it had to write  something but I was definately not in my most creative mood... :(

so anyway guys, please review( point out mistakes, i'm dutch so my english is not very very good, also leave behind if you liked it and if I even should continue)

No hate please, its my very first story ever( and in english)

X BentexxloveFF

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