Tram Murder

Mr. George and the Police Department shake hands to solve a murder committed in a Tram.


1. The Call

“Hello? Hello?” “Yes. Detective George here.” “Sir, I am John. A murder has been committed. Please come soon.” “But where?” “Near Times Square, in a tram sir.” “Okay I am coming.” As this call came on a working day, Alex wasn't able to join George as he had to attend his college. So, George alone went to the crime scene. But he was confused that why John called him, instead of calling the cops. After reaching the crime scene, George already saw cops examining the scene. His old friend Sean from the department recognized him. “Hey George, how are you doing?” “Very well my friend. By the way, a man named John called me to report here. Do you know where he is?” “Oh, yes. He didn't know you were out of the team. But I will request the Manager to include you in the case. It would be a great help.” “Oh okay. If you wish, then I have no problem like always.” Sean had a laugh. He was very happy to work with George once again. When the manager heard about this, he was excited and agreed on that moment. “Okay then. Who has been murdered?” asked George eagerly. “According to the identification we got from his wallet, he is a man named ‘Michael Gordon’ from Boston. He has been killed by a gun at around 11 AM.” replied Sean. “Why did a man from Boston come here and gets murdered on a tram?” “That, no one knows.” “Oh but God knows it” George said it with a smile. He can never forget his humorous accent.
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