Tram Murder

Mr. George and the Police Department shake hands to solve a murder committed in a Tram.


2. Investigating

“Here’s John. He said that the murder happened before his eyes” said Sean, by introducing him to George.

“Oh then, did you see the killer?” asked George.

“No. He was sitting beside me and then from nowhere, a bullet came, and hit his head.” replied John.

“Okay. Where was the tram passing by, when the bullet hit him?” asked George.

“It was passing through that road. When I started to yell, the driver parked it over here.”

“Okay, take us to that place.” said George.

John took them both to that place. When they reached there, George noticed that a hotel – Lotus Hotel was on that same road. George said, “Maybe I have found from where the bullet has been fired. Thank you John. You can go now.”

John leaves. George takes Sean to the hotel’s reception. He asks the receptionist, “Mam, we are from the police department. Can you tell us that anyone has checked out in the last hour?”

“Yes sir. That man was very strange. He checked in two hours ago and checked out last hour……… ah at 11:18 PM according to the records.”

“Can you give us his information, his address, or phone number?” asked Sean.

“Oh no need of that. We just want to check the camera footages and see how he looked like.” said George.

“Why there is no need of information about him George?” interrogated Sean.

“Because for an assassin, who just has one work to do will always give wrong information. He is also not the boss of this killing. The boss is yet to get found.”

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